Walter R. Hunter
Professor of Mathematics
Office: Parkhouse room 146
Phone: 215-641-6349

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MWF 10:00 to 11:00 AM


MAT 011 MAT 140 MAT 188 MAT 202
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Graphs of the Form
Y=aX^2 + bX + c

Graphs of the Form
Y=mX + b

Intro to a Slope Car Rental

Sail Problem with Graph

Sail Problem without Graph


Closest Point on a Line to a Given Point

Corner Point

Definition of the Derivative

Definition of the Limit

Mean Value Theory of for Derivatives

Related Rates Kite

Related Rates Two Cars

Second Direvative with Horizontal Inflection Point

Slope of the Tangent Line

Slope of the Tangent Line with a Horizontal Inflection Point

Symetric Difference Quotient

Two sided limit of Definition of the Derivative

Volume of Box

How to Use the Slide Bar

Using Excel to Graph Functions

Graph of Sine function and the Unit Circle

Graph of y=Asin(Bx+PIC)

Normal Approximation

Normal Distribution

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