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Wayne Brew

Geography Instructor
Montgomery County Community College

Office: 158 Parkhouse Hall
Phone: 215-641-6326
Email:  wbrew@mc3.edu


"Space is merely a device we use so that everything is not in the same place" 
Tom Robbins 

The study of geography is a process of where and why. Geography looks at the spatial variations across the earth's surface. This includes both physical and cultural variations. Geographers make maps (this is the where part) that show these variations and then ask why? 

There could be many explanations of spatial variations including  physical (climate, landforms), cultural (language, religion, ethnicity), economic, historical; one, many, or all may explain a spatial variation.

A college level geography course is not memorizing trivia. For example, it is more important (and more interesting) to know why the Amazon River is one of the largest river systems in the world than just knowing that it is.

The three geography courses taught at MCCC are thematic in nature meaning that the focus is on the processes that cause variations (both physical and cultural) and not just memorizing facts.

If you want to know more about the geography courses at MCCC please go to the following links. Keep in mind that the syllabus for each course is subject to change for any particular semester and that other people besides myself teach these courses at MCCC.

Cultural Geography
GEO - 130

Physical Geography
GEO -135

Urban Geography
GEO - 137

Course Description Course Description Course Description
Syllabus Syllabus Syllabus
Course Notes Course Notes Course Notes

Below is a link to a web site that has many links to maps and exercises:

Geography World

Below is a link to the CIA web page. If you want some quick facts about any country in the world go to the web site and click on The World Factbook.

The World Factbook