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Fall Semester, 2003

Business and Computer Science
Marketing 111, Principles of Marketing, 3 Credits
Wednesday 7 – 10 p.m., Classroom—Parkhouse 343
Sept. 3 – December 12, 2003

Virginia Hedden, Adjunct Professor
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Course Prerequisites: Business Math and Economics

Text and Other Materials:
Basic Marketing, A Global Managerial Approach, William D. Perreault, Jr. and E. Jerome McCarthy, McGraw-Hill, Illinois, 2002 14th edition. ISBN 0-07-243013-3

Student website to accompany text:
Student CD with practice tests, power points, and reference material

Additional Reference Materials:
Text Notes pages 754- 815
Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Fortune Magazine,
Business Press

Course Overview

This course is designed to acquaint the student with the principles and problems of the marketing of goods and the methods of distribution from producer or manufacturer to the consumer. The course includes a study of the types, functions, and practices of wholesalers and retailers in the American marketing system and of efficient marketing techniques in the development and expansion of American and foreign markets.

Course Objectives: . Marketing is a key ingredient in meeting the global challenges of organizations worldwide. Marketing should not be confused with advertising and sales. In this course you will discover the true nature of marketing and why advertising & sales are merely ingredients of the marketing mix. Additional aspects of marketing will be introduced. These aspects include:

  • Marketing strategy

  • Market planning

  • Distribution

  • Retailing and Wholesaling

  • International Marketing

  • Target Marketing

  • Market Segmentation

  • Pricing Sales

  • Promotion

  • Services Marketing

  • Industrial Marketing

Assignments and Class Participation: To accomplish these objectives, the course material will be presented, and evaluations done through (1) Videos and Lectures, (2) In-class discussions/team assignments, (3) Case analysis, (4) Three Exams and (5) a short research paper. The lectures will tend to supplement and advance the required readings, in-class discussions, and case analysis.

It is the responsibility of the student to do the required readings and assignments prior to the class meeting.

Active participation is part of your grade. It includes (1) asking questions, (2) answering questions raised by the instructor, (3) responding to other student’s comments, etc.

(4) Bringing relevant articles or other materials to class that illustrate some of the things you have learned in the course. These articles or materials must be accompanied by a short, professionally written, summary (less than one page). Be sure to put your name in the top, right-hand corner, last name first.

Criteria and Methods of Evaluation:


Class Attendance/Participation


3 Exams


10 In Class Assignments




Grades: A =90 –100, B= 89 – 80, C =79 –70, D =69 – 60, F = <60

Class Communication: Please make sure I have your current email address and that you check it once a week. Everyone has a Mc3 email address.

Attendance Policy: Due to the large amount of material that will be covered in a very short time, students are required to attend class regularly, participate in class discussions, and complete projects on time.

Session Format


7 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Video, Review Discussion

7:30 p.m. to 8:15 p.m.


8:15 p.m.


8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Lecture,Exercises and Assignments

9:30 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Wrap up

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Classroom Etiquette:
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MC3, Mkt 111, Principles of Marketing
Fall Semester 2003
V. Hedden
(This outline is a guide and may be subject to change)





Sept. 3

Handouts: Syllabus, Case History ,

Cases: Dell, Healthy Foods p. 712

Video: (1) Intro. to Mkt.

Chapter 1, Marketing Role in Global Economy pp. 2 – 27

Chapter 2, Marketing Role in Firm/NonProfit Org. pp. 30 – 58



Sept. 10

Handout: SWOT Analysis

Cases: Polaroid, UPS, #7 Lillybank Lodge p.

Video: (1) John Deere (17 min.)

Chapter 3, Mktg. Strategy/Segmenting and Positioning pp. 61 - 89

Chapter 4, Mktg. Opportunities in Changing Environment. pp. 94 - 119

1. In Class Assignment: SWOT analysis


Sept. 17

Handouts: VALS

Cases: Schwab, #30 Deluxe Foods p. 739,

Video: (1) Luxury Cars (13 min)

Chapter 5, Demographic Dimensions pp. 126- 151

Chapter 6, Behavioral Dimensions, pp. 156 – 179

2. In Class Assignment: Primary research: Survey


Sept. 24


Cases: GoGurt, Metokote, #11 Runnersworld p. 720,

Video: (2) Cummins Engine

Exam 1: Chapters 1 – 6

Chapter 7, Business and Organizational Customers pp. 194 – 212

3. In Class Assignment: Secondary research


Oct. 1


Cases: Lenscrafters,

Video: (2)Gathering Mkt. Information (16 min)

Chapter 8, Decisions with Marketing Information, pp. 218-243

4. In Class Assignment:

Paper Topic Due- Hand in one paragraph describing your topic


Oct. 8


Cases: Kodak, #1 McDonalds Seniors p. 712,

Video: (3) Hillerich & Bradsby

Chapter 9, Elements of Product Planning, pp. 248 - 271

Chapter 10, Product Management and New product Development, pp. 276 – 300

5. In Class Assignment:


Oct. 15


Cases: Ingram BG, Coke, #13 Paper Supplies Corp.

Video: (3) Pepsi Channels

Chapter 11, Place and Development of Channel Systems pp. 304 – 325

Chapter 12, Distribution, Customer Service, Logistics, pp. 330 – 352

6. In Class Assignment:


Oct. 22

Handouts: Exhibit 21 – 9 p. 624 Marketing Plan Outline

Exam 2: Chapters 7 - 12

Chapter 21, Developing Innovative Marketing Plans, pp.


Oct. 29



Video: (4) Retailing Strategies

Chapter 19, Implementing and Controlling Marketing Plans pp. 546 – 573

Chapter 13, Retailers, Wholesalers and Strategy

7. In Class Assignment:




Cases: Chrysler, # 14 State Bank p. 727

Video: Goodyear

Chapter 16, Advertising and Sales Promotion pp. 450 – 479

Chapter 14, Promotion and Integrated Marketing Communications, pp. 392 – 417

8. In Class Assignment:


Nov. 12


Cases: Cisco, #17 Enviro-Pure p. 726

Video: (4) Personal Selling

Chapter 15, Personal Selling, pp. 421-446.


Nov. 19


Cases: Chevy Suburban, #25 Plastiform p. 734

Video: (5) Factors in Successful Pricing Decisions

Chapter 17, Pricing pp. 422 – 445

9. In Class Assignment:

Paper is Due –no late papers accepted


Dec. 3


Cases: Kmart, #17 Enviro Pure p. 726

Video: (5) Services Marketing

Chapter 18, Price Setting pp. 514 – 541

10. In Class Assignment:


Dec. 10


Cases: Illinois tools Deluxe Foods p. 739


Chapter 20, Marketing Link with Functional Areas pp. 578 – 599

Chapter 22, Ethical Marketing, pp. 637 – 652


Dec. 17


Final Exam Chapters: 13 - 18