When not Working or Teaching 

H. Thomas Tucker. Jr. 
Assistant Professor of  Engineering

Montgomery County Community College
Office: Science Center 346
Phone: (215) 641-6469
Email: ttucker@mc3.edu

 Teaching Philosophy
I have spent over 30 years working in research and development as a Research Scientist/Engineer.  Now I want to share my years of professional experience by teaching.  I continue to work in research and development, which keeps me current.  I believe that constant "real world" contact is necessary in the ever-changing technical field.

Courses Spring 2004:

Applied Dynamics - EGR 104
 Course Syllabus &  Description

Engineering Graphics - EGR 115
      Course Syllabus &  Description

Applied Thermodynamics - EGR 215
   Course Syllabus & Description

Critical Thinking in Technology - EGR190
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Fluid Mechanics - EGR 212
This course will run with enough students
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Critical Thinking in Technology - EGR190 via internet
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        The Pennsylvania State University
            A.S. Electrical and Electronic Technology
           B.S. Electrical Engineering/Mathematics
        Drexel University
            M.S. Computational Mathematics (Computer Science)
        Lehigh University
            Certificate(s) in Quantitative Analysis
             Techniques Using the Scanning Electron Microprobe

Selected Sampling of Professional Experience

Electromechanical System Design:

Arvin Calspan/Franklin Research Center

Lead the team that designed the system which controls the position of the model in the world's highest speed wind tunnel.  The tunnel is capable of producting sustained wind speeds over 1200 miles per hour.

The team design included all the logic circuit hardware as well as the controlling software.  The design started from its theoretical conception logic flow through the completion of the total system.

System Design and Research

Franklin Institute Research Labs

My research and development experience includes over 25 years in electrical engineering, computer hardware and software development, and clectro-optical  systems design and analysis.  My designs include laser systems, software development for x-ray images, artificial intelligence systems and electromechanical instrumentation.


Work on a small project with the Maryland Pilots Association to develop a better navigational system that uses GPS satellites in conjunction with "virtual-reality" modeling of the lower Chesapeake Bay area.  The system will be portable to enable pilots to carry it on board the large commercial ships that they pilot between the Norfolk Va. area and the C&D Canal.

Working on a three-dimensional "virtual reality" model of  coastal areas for navigation.  This concept expands EnterFace's original idea to  update navigation information dynamically by using a spatial-temporal database.  When new information about local conditions change, the information is instantly displayed.   Additional information such as range, relative position, latitude, and  longitude, will also be displayed in real time.

Franklin Research Center

Manager of the Franklin Research Center's Scanning Electron  Microscope Laboratory.  It was used to perform failure analysis and particle analysis.  My lab performed failure analysis on the refrigeration systems on the Space Shuttle and Particle analysis for the Pegsat Pegasus Space/Earth ASA/DARPA Studies.  Wrote software for the Scanning Electron Microscope, that captures 3-D images of paper surfaces.  This increases  paper manufactures ability to use recycled paper in high quality applications

Worked on a project to design an intelligent system for picking x-ray fluoresce lines that identify elements examined using a scanning Microscope.  This software was written in LISP, PROLOG, and FORTRAN.

Professional Affiliations

  Sigma Xi
      Institute of Electronic and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
      Nautical Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI)


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