ELT 210

Digital Fundamentals


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This course introduces the student to basic digital circuit design and analysis in a laboratory a laboratory-oriented environment. An iteeractive computer-based instructional systems provide hands-on training.



ELT 135.


Learning Goals

1.      Develop an understanding of the operation of digital circuits.

2.      Become proficient in the use of Electronics Simulation Software to solve digital circuit problems and choose circuit parameters.

3.      Successfully assemble and functionally test assigned circuits


Learning Activities

Lecture; group problem solving activities, interactive computer-based laboratory activities, and exams.


Learning Materials

Textbook: Digital Fundamentals 8th edition Floyd

FACET training software

MultiSim/Electronic Workbench software


This course is consistent with Montgomery County Community Colleges mission and educational goals.


Prepared by: H. Thomas Tucker, Jr.

Assistant Professor of Engineering

Sept 04, 2002



ELT 210 Digital Electronics

Course Syllabus Fall 2002

On Line On Campus




Week Topic of Discussion Text Section


1 Introduction to Digital Concepts Dig Fund 1

2 Number Systems, Operations and Codes Dig Fund 2

Lab 1 Real Time

3 Logic Gate Operation Dig Fund 3

Lab 1 Facet on [logic gates]

4 Exam 1. Boolean Algebra and Logic Simplification Dig Fund 4


5 Combinational Logic Concepts Dig Fund 5

Lab 2 Real Time combinational logic concepts

6 Functions of Combinational Logic Dig Fund 6

7 Exam 2. Flip Flops and Related Devices Dig Fund 8

Lab 2 Facet on [flip flops and related devices]

8 Counters Dig Fund 9

Lab 3 Facet on [counters]

9 Shift Registers Dig Fund 10

Lab 4 Facet on [shift registers] Optional


For the remainder of the course we will be (reading only chapters 10 13 which ends with an intro to microprocessors.

Chapter 14 Introduction to Digital Signal Processing will be done including a lab


Chapter 15 Integrated Circuit Technology (another read only and discuss chapter)

Is all that is left for this semester.


Projects Presentations

Review for Final


Final Presentation


Grade Policy:

(4) Facet Labs 10%

(4) Real Time Labs/Projects 30%

(2 per/week) On Line Discussion 10%

(1 per/week) In Class Participation 10%

(3) Exams 30%

(1) Final 10%



Withdrawal, Audit, Incomplete Policy

Changes from credit to audit status will be granted through week (10). Withdrawals will be granted up to, but not including, the final. Incompletes will be granted in accordance with college policy and/or at the discretion of the instructor.


Assignments, Tests, Labs, Projects Policy

All assignments are due one week from date assigned. All tests must be taken on the date scheduled. A summary of lab test grades is due on the last day of class. All project presentations must be made on the date scheduled.


Instructor: H. Thomas Tucker, Jr.

Office SCIC 346

Phone Office: 215 641 6469

Work: 215 748 0152