EGR 190

Principles of Critical Thinking In Technology




A required course for all students entering the Computer Engineering Technology program. The primary aim of this course is to give students what they need to survive in a rapidly changing world. Much of Classical education focuses on memorizing the facts and testing the studentís ability to recall these facts on demand. Critical thinking enables the student to use facts and previous life experiences to obtain solutions to new situations. Technology students will find this approach necessary in developing "trouble shooting" skills. Business students will find it important for doing cost/benefit analysis and students of other disciplines will find "learning how to think" a tremendous asset to their lives.

Students with disabilities are eligible for accommodations in this course. Please contact the Director of Services for Students with Disabilities in the Counseling Center, College Hall, at 215 641 6575/6577 for more information.




Assignment One

Read Chapters One and Two in the Critical Thinking text