B.A., Rutgers University (History)
M.A., University of Hawaii (History—U.S. Diplomatic)
M.A., University of Pennsylvania (International Relations)
Ph.D., George Washington University (History—Middle East)


Dr. Kolsky has taught History and Political Science at Montgomery county Community College since 1971. A political humorist, caricaturist, and lover of classical music, he enjoys creating and sharing humor. Over the last fifteen years he lectured extensively on politics, Middle Eastern and Jewish history, as well as on humor. His career in humor began at a very tender age. He was deeply influenced by observing life’s absurdities as he grew up in Czechoslovakia, Israel, and the United States. East European, Middle Eastern, and American cultures left an indelible impression on him and contributed to shaping his outlook. A political maverick, Kolsky advocates peace, intellectual freedom, religious pluralism, liberal democracy, social justice, and market economy with a human face.


Dr. Kolsky is interested in American, European, Middle Eastern, and Jewish history, as well as in most fields of political science. He is the creator and host of the college campus interview/talk show ISSUES AND INSIGHTS and a frequent public speaker on various issues of public interest. Dr. Kolsky is the author of Jews against Zionism (Temple University Press, 1990). He has contributed to Philadelphia Jewish Life, 1940-1985, edited by Murray Friedman (Seth Press, 1986); and to Eretz Israel, Israel, and the Jewish Diaspora Mutual Relationship, edited by Menachem Mor (University Press of America, 1991).

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