Samuel Clay Wallace:  current projects

        My current projects revolve around my interests in the geography of religion and in excellent teaching.  My most current research interest is why it was Vermont which first extended civil recognition to same-sex couples.  I will examine the state through the lenses of religious debate, roles of homosexuals in society, and political viewpoints.  In the longer term, I would like to compile materials on cosmologies, attitudes towards the environment, diffusion patterns and landscape effects of Christianity.
        In addition to minor improvements in course content and design based on student evaluations, I would like to incorporate and even produce educational audio-visuals.  There are several video series which could be helpful in "Introduction to World Regions".  Though some existing videos could be helpful, an interactive learning component on location theory and site selection would be helpful in "Introduction to Human Geography".  I have located an excellent example of urban salt stalactite formation that I would like to use in a digital video about salt crystal growth, physical weathering and urban runoff.

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