Samuel Clay Wallace:  course descriptions

"Introduction to World Regions":
        This course covers the wide scope of geography, providing an understanding of    the world's major culture regions.  Human patterns on the earth are examined as they relate to natural resources and industrial development.  Map skills and other geographic tools will be introduced and used to understand the large patterns of landforms, climates, biomes, ethnicities and industries around the world.  This is a great general background for those who don't know much about geography.  (3 hrs)
        West Chester University:  Geo 101
        Community College of Philadelphia:  Geog 135

"Introduction to Human Geography":
        This inquiry will use both theoretical and applied approaches to study human spatial behavior and the distribution of social problems.  Topics will include human/ environment relations, land use patterns, population trends and cultural patterns.  We will look at the geography of religion, sex and politics, both death and taxes, even drugs and rock and roll.  If it is a human learned behavior that occurs at a place or through space, you can study it here.  (3 hrs)
        Montgomery County Community College:  Geo 130
        West Chester University:  Geo 103
        Community College of Philadelphia:  Geog 103

"Introduction to Physical Geography":
       This course will examine natural patterns on the earth's surface, where things are and why they are there.  Topics will include landforms, bodies of water, climates, and soils and vegetation regions.  The primary questions will not be, "Where are . . . ?" but, "Why there?" and "So what?"  (3 hrs)
        Montgomery County Community College:  Geo 135
        West Chester University:  Geo 102
        Community College of Philadelphia:  Geog 101

"Mapping and Remote Sensing":
        This course will be an introduction to the visual tools of Geography.  Topics will include technical production of map projections, cartographic design, the use of aerial photographs and the interpretation of radar and satellite imagery.  (3 hrs)
        West Chester University:  Geo 225

"Urban Geography":

"Geography of Latin America":

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