Samuel Clay Wallace:  background

        Geographers usually come in two flavors-- military kids and homebodies.  Either they moved around a lot and got good at figuring out new places, or they sat with an atlas in an armchair dreaming of the rest of the world.  My father worked for the Kansas Highway Department so I'm a bit of both; I grew up in eight different places, but all of them in Kansas.  I have a Master of Arts degree in Geographic Methods (the use of the tools of Geography like maps, demographics and physical sampling) and have a deep knowledge of grassland environments.

        I attended one of the nation's top programs in Geography and was recruited by them to teach even before I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree.  I have been teaching adults at least part time since 1982.  I have received national recognition for my adult education programs from the United Church of Christ and the Boy Scouts of America.  I have earned Montgomery County Community College's Certificate of Teaching Excellence and continue my professional development with technology and psychology courses.  And students regularly evaluate my teaching as being very good or excellent.

        Geography allows for a wide variety of applications and my professional experience is varied.  One recent project was to write an environmental assessment of the Cai Mep Estuary in the mouths of the Mekong River of southern Vietnam.  Raytheon Engineers and Constructors and the World Bank had been invited to invest in a direct reduction iron refinery at the location and needed to know the impact of the possible refinery on the physical and cultural environments.  I compiled data on the landforms and river systems, weather and climate, soils and vegetation, aquatic life, ethnicity and religion, economics and education, and the local opinions.  

        The primary community near the proposed site is Xa Hoi Bai.  One of the commune's current industries is shell-fish farming.  Though it employs only 5% of Hoi Bai's labor force, shell-fish farming provides 85% of the animal protein in the diet and 80% of the money coming into the commune.  The refinery's waste water and the increase in river traffic (and its attendant pollution) could have seriously damaged this vital industry.  It would also have significantly altered the religious and education systems since workers would have been brought in from differing culture regions in the north.

  This thatch roofed 8 by 12 foot platform is shrimp farm in southern Vietnam.

        Other projects have included my Master of Arts thesis on the historical geography of the United Church of  Christ, location analysis of Protestant congregations, the geography of childhood needs in Missouri, Lakota & German-American cooperation in South Dakota, the role of church groups in housing issues in inner-city St. Louis and throughout the U.S., human/ environment relations in Colorado & New Mexico mountain valleys, urban population pressures in south central Africa, map design for the blind & colorblind, and community development in rural Kansas.


Courses which I have taught include:
        Microcomputer Application Laboratory
        Introduction to World Regions
        Introduction to Physical Geography
        Introduction to Human Geography
        Human Geography Television Course
        Environmental Conservation
        Cartography Laboratory
        Urban Geography
        Geography of Latin America
        Ministry Field Education.

        Courses with which I have assisted include:
                Pastoral Care
                Biblical Theology
                Congregational Studies.

        Schools for which I have taught include:
                West Chester University, 2000-
                Montgomery County Community College, 1998-
                University of Delaware, 2001
                Community College of Philadelphia, 1998-2001
                The Alternative Seminary of Philadelphia, 1998-2000
                Eden Theological Seminary, 1993-1997
                University of Kansas, 1984-1989.

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