Welcome to the Home Page of Robert Moyer

  • I am a senior adjunct faculty member at Montgomery County Community College.
  • I am currently teaching Computer Science II, Object Oriented Programming (CIS111B) on Tuesday Night. My current research interests include: Educational Technology, Linux, intranet/internets, databases, distributed computing, COM+, C++ and JAVA.
  • I have been on the faculty of MCCC since 1985. I hold an M.S. from Villanova, a B.S. from Temple, and A.G.S from MCCC.

  • Current Semester: Fall 2009

    Current syllibi are available on Blackboard, but you may find information from previous courses useful.

    Syllabus - CIS111B (Fall 2006)

    Syllabus - CIS111B (Spring 2006)

    Syllabus - CIS111 (Fall 2005)

    Syllabus - CIS112 (Spring 2005)

  • If you are intererested in information about CIS 112, or are a current or former student of my class, follow the links at the left for information. Most of this information is historical, current infomation is available via Blackboard for current students only.
  • Class Notes contain administrative information, Lectures has weekly classroom material, and Assignments has information about programming assignments.