GLG 120 Earth Science

Office Hours

My name is Rob Kuhlman; my office is 321 in the Science Center; hours are 7:30-8:00 AM MWF, 12:15-2:15 M & W, and 7:30-2:00 T. Other times can be scheduled by mutual arrangement. My phone number is 641-6456, and the science dept. office number is 641-6445. I urge you to come visit or call to discuss concerns about our course. I can also be reached by email.


The text is Earth Science, 10th ed., by Tarbuck and Lutgens. If the price seems excessive purchase a copy with a friend, or plan to use the library’s copy regularly. You must have access to the text. Assigned readings and study questions will be distributed at the beginning of each major exam unit.


Lab work will appear from time to time spontaneously throughout the semester. In addition, I plan to take at least one in-class field trip to a nearby locality. There will be no lab grade per se, but concepts treated in lab will be addressed on exams.


There will be four exams this semester. The first two will be in-class closed book exams; the second two will be take-home open book exams. Each exam will be worth 100 points.


The average of your exam scores will be used to establish your grade. There is no “extra credit” option. The college’s grading system will be used (90-100 = A; 80-89 = B, etc.). All grades, including the “W” grade, will be administered in accordance with policy indicated on p. 20 in the 2002-2004 catalog. Auditing a course is a decision which is made at the beginning of the semester, not the end; I won’t consider audit requests beyond the end of September.


Attendance is not mandatory, but there is a direct correlation between those students who regularly attend class and those who succeed in the course. Exams come from the notes; you must have the notes to do well on exams. Please remember that we start at 8:00 AM; if traffic and parking are problems, leave home a tad earlier.


The college’s snow number is 320 (day) and 2320 (evening); if you don’t hear the number on KYW, use your own discretion. A two hour delayed opening means that school will begin at 10:00; the 8:00 MWF Earth Science class therefore won’t be meeting.

Readings for Unit I