Walking up the stairs of the restaurant
I notice
You look as innocent as a child.
We talked as coworkers and shared cigarettes
On the stairs
And you painted me your world.

Walking onto the patio
I noticed
How beautiful you were in the moonlight.
We talked under the stars about life
And shared a bed
Later we slept together as lovers.

Walking out the door of my house
I noticed
How hurt you were and watched your tears.
We talked as exes and parted ways
Later shared a bed
As scorned and broken hearts.

Walking out of your car
I noticed
How different you look.
Now you have his child and your over it
We shared a glance
Through the windshield and I kept on driving.


If you had said you hate me
One more time
I would have believed you. I could
Have believed the tears and
The small fists
Weakly pounding my chest
Would have hurt much more.
I said I loved you once,
But that things were over. I said
I was sorry.
Strange that for 2 months you
Hated me
Wouldn’t talk to me.
Wouldn’t look me in the eye.
His ring is on your finger
And you want my friendship.
I don’t get it.



My Face isn’t what it used to be.
When I was young
It was fresh and scar free.
When I was young
It wasn’t pock marked by
Hurt and doubt and
I was grinning a true grin.
My smile was real as the day
As the sun and moon.
My smile was natural and not forced.
I had wonder and excitement
As my traveling companions.

My Face is mocking me.
Now I am older
And my face is scarred.
Now I am older
And the craters speak of longing
And heartbreak.
My smile is fake.
My lips end in insecurity
And bare teeth of doubt and fear.
My smile is a smear campaign.
I stare fear and doubt in my face
As I travel the road.