Fred Urback





Self Portrait

Wisdom marked by eyes wider than the earth, Bright and glowing, now hampered by time. A perminant mark, a reminder of happiness. Illuminated still today in that same time renched body. His soul even then was cloaked in grey, nothing to show for it as of now, but now is the dawning of a new day. the years role by to the sight of the man he has become, warn and werry a face understanding the pain, nrecognizable to the child he once was. now through the lines starring softly into space sorrow sweeps over him swinging his door open the mind racing to catch up, to pull through, all his hurt, and angst weigh him down yet he does not halt. his grin an every smirking stitch, holding him, keeping him here forever. some say he has one foot in the playpen and the other in the sky searching for a resting place as he never wavers and will never die, working his way upward to great enlightenment and a full opening, a third eye.


Words Mimic the frail illusion,
leave scrambled, the silent rustlying of disbielf
incendesent waves of happiness help mend criminal tears
they leave hidden shame while mystical moonbeams pierce the
Frightening, violent, flash, alive, loud and colorful


leave scrambled the airways and focus on the
internal, hidden from view, your feelings reveal
more than your words ever could

there she sits quietly, silently moving her legs as if impatiently
twitching. her glance hypnotic as if she is wiser than
she appears. she knows more than she lets on. the flutter of
her eyes, the smile she gives me, it’s different than the rest.
that smile is mine and mine alone. this saddens me however
There she sits, there she stays my mind only allowed to conext
with her. she is something I will never have, she is a dream.
one spoken loudly thus everyone can hear yet soft enough
so that I am the only one in the room listening. she is a dream
that someday I will wake up next to.