Montgomery County Community College


Syllabus for Fall 2003

English Composition 102 NC (3 credits)



Peter C. Scheponik



BS Secondary Education, Villanova University

Masters in the Teaching of English, Villanova University

28 years experience teaching


Course Description:


ENG 102 continues the process begun in ENG 101of developing in the student the values of written communication.  Emphasis is placed on organizing specific kinds of evidence to support sensible conclusions. 

Selections from a variety of materials (fiction, poetry, drama, magazines, etc.) provide the stimulus for discussion and writing.  Research techniques are included.  Prerequisite: ENG 101 with a grade of C or better.

Hours: M

3:45 p.m.—6:50 p.m.


P 329


452 Parkhouse Hall

M: 2:00 p.m.—3:00 p.m.

      7:00 p.m.—8:00 p.m.

MW: 11:15a.m.—12:15 p.m.

TTH: 2:15 p.m.—3:15 p.m.

And upon request


(215) 619-7439








Research Papers: A Practical Guide by Marian Arkin & Cecelia Macheski

MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 6th edition, by Joseph Gibaldi



Attendance expected for all classes

If not attending class, students expected to inform instructor

I reserve the right to excuse or not excuse absences, based on the specific circumstances at hand.

Students who—without my permission—miss more than six classes will receive a “W” or an “F” for the course.


Students who regularly arrive late for class or regularly leave class early will receive a full grade lower for class participation.


Course Objectives:

·        Familiarize students with the use of the MLA Handbook

·        Teach students to critically analyze readings

·        Help students to enhance their own interpretations and analyses by incorporating the ideas of other experts and scholars into the students’ own writings, using the established MLA guidelines

·        Familiarize students w/library research techniques

·        Improve students’ critical thinking skills

·        Familiarize students with methodology of academic writing in research paper

·        Increase students’ awareness of the common pitfalls of plagiarism and provide students with effective strategies to avoid these pitfalls

Course Requirements:

·        Each student must purchase his/her own books for this course.

·        One ten-page research paper  divided into corrected but ungraded sections and graded final draft (60% of grade)

·        Participation in class (20% of grade)

·        One Final (20%) that will include the following:

MLA works cited format and quote integration including:

introduction of quote

use of signal phrase

tag phrase

integration of quote

analysis of quote

use of brackets


parenthetical citation

block format

Understanding of the following:

comma splice

fused sentence


literary present

point of view


MLA paper format:





introductory paragraph

thesis statement

plan of development

body of paper


thesis reference

closing paragraph

thesis echo

clinching sentence


Class Participation

All students are required to actively participate in each class.

I define participation as follows:

Attending class

Having workbook and writing assignments done on time

Listening attentively—to instructor and other members of the class

Taking notes

Joining class discussions

Peer editing

Collaborating on workbook activities as directed

Working in the library as directed

Conferencing with instructor as directed


Collaboration vs. Cheating:

I define collaboration as follows: working with other students as directed in workbook activities, assisting one another in drafting activities for research paper, or helping one another with library activities.


I define cheating as follows: doing none of the work in the workbook and just copying another’s answers, writing another’s research paper, copying another’s research paper, doing another’s library research or having another do yours for you, copying or giving answers to one another on the final, plagiarizing in any form





Grading Scale:





F=. 5


Policy on plagiarism:

Plagiarism will result in an automatic “F” for the plagiarized paper and, quite possibly, for the course.

Please read the attached Ethics Statement and the “XF” grade.

Requirements for Papers:


Double spaced

12 pt Times New Roman

MLA format according to sample in workbook

Must have centered title

Must have works cited sheet

Carefully proofread for spelling, grammar, and sentence variety

Handed in on due dates

No resubmission for higher grades


Policy on late papers:

I only accept late papers from students who have come to me in advance, and, even then, I determine whether or not I will allow a late submission.  Papers handed in late—without my permission—receive an automatic “F.”


Class Behavior:

Courteous informality

First name basis for all class discussions

Pleasant attitude during all class discussions

No bias or bigotry

No smoking

No cheating/plagiarizing


Students with Disabilities Policy:


“Students with disabilities may be eligible for accommodation in this course. Contact the Director of Services for Students with Disabilities in the Counseling Center, College Hall, at (215) 641-6575/6577 for more information.  At West Campus, contact the Director of Student Affairs, (610) 718-1839.”




Class Schedule:


Monday, 9/8

Introduction to course

Topic Choices

Sample paper

Prewriting techniques

Library visit for bibliographic instruction on reference books


Read pp. 24-26, 27-31.

Do exercises pp. 32 & 33.

Read pp. 40-42, 44-52.

MLA readings as assigned


Monday, 9/15

Topic Choice due

MLA readings as assigned

Thesis narrowing exercises

Understanding the P. O. D.

Thesis/plan of development due

Library visit for bibliographic instruction on WebCat


Read pp. 100-106, 114-127.

Work on thesis and P.O.D.

Read pp. 56-59, 67-68, 70-80.

MLA readings as assigned

Read pp.81-99, 142-157


Monday, 9/22

Library visit for bibliographic instruction on electronic databases

Extra library time

Reviewing the elements of a proposal (Sample on pp.53-54).

Working on a proposal for the research paper



Read pp. 158-162, 166-170, 173-174, 175-177, and 185-186.

Do exercise p.187.

MLA readings as assigned


Monday, 9/29

Proposal due

Working on outline


Read pp. 188-195, 198-199.

MLA readings as assigned


Monday, 10/6

Outline due



Read pp. 234-239, 241-249.

MLA readings as assigned

Work on pp. 1-4 of first draft.


Monday, 10/13

Pages 1-4 of first draft due


Work on pp. 5-8 of first draft.

MLA readings as assigned


Monday, 10/20

Pages 5-8 of first draft due


Work on pp. 9-10 and works cited sheet.

MLA readings as assigned


Monday, 10/27

Pages 9-10 and works cited sheet due

Peer editing session


Work on revising final draft.


Monday, 11/3

Final draft due

Film: Death of a Salesman


Work on questions for Death of a Salesman.


Monday, 11/10


Short story: “A Rose for Emily”




Work on questions for “A Rose for Emily.”


Monday, 11/17

Poetry of Sylvia Plath


Work on questions for poetry of Sylvia Plath.

Read Stephen King’s “Suffer the Little Children”


Monday, 11/24

Film: Beckett’s Rockaby

Stephen King’s “Suffer the Little Children”


Read Susan Glaspell’s Trifles.

Work on questions for Trifles.


Wednesday, 11/26—Sunday, 11/30

Thanksgiving Holiday


Monday, 12/1

Susan Glaspell’s Trifles.


Prepare for final.


Monday, 12/1

Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl.”


Read Sharon Olds’s “Sex without Love,” and “My Father Speaks to Me from the Dead.”

Work on questions for Olds’s poems.


Wednesday, 12/3

Sharon Olds’s “Sex without Love,” and “My Father Speaks to Me from the Dead.”


Read Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Rappaccini’s Daughter.”

Work on questions for “Rappaccini’s Daughter.”


Monday, 12/8

Working on final



Monday, 12/15