Patricia S. Rahmlow, MBA Associate Professor of Computer Science

Online Learning

Thinking about taking an online class? Check out a sample course.

Learning online can be one of the most exciting and challenging ways to learn. It opens new possibilities by using the Internet as part of the learning process. It also requires a great deal of self-discipline to stay on track!

I have been an online instructor since Spring of 2000. I also completed four courses online as part of a certificate program. I have experienced some of the excitement and challenges from both sides of cyberspace!

One of the most important things you can do is to seek help as soon as you encounter a problem. If the problem is specific to the course, check out the course Help Forum. Other students may have already experienced the same roadblock and found an answer. If not, post your problem so your classmates and your professor can help! If you encounter a technical problem, you may need to contact the MCCC Help Desk, your computer service provider, or your Internet Service provider. Be sure to find those contact numbers now and keep them handy throughout the course!

I hope to "see" you in one of my online courses soon!

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Last Update: July 22, 2004