MAT 011 Section TC2 (81567) - Beginning Algebra

Wednesday 7:00 - 10:00 PM

Spring 2011 Science Center 205

Paul M. DelPo



Textbook: MAT 011 Beginning Algebra 2010-2011, by Dr. Roseann Hoffman, Walter Hunter, Susan Yankosky, Pearson Custom Publishing


ISBN – 13: 978-0-558-70309-7

ISBN – 10: 0-558-70309-7


Calculator: A calculator similar to the TI-30X IIS is recommended for this course.


Course Objective: This course is designed to help the student develop a feeling of confidence with beginning Algebra, to provide the necessary background for an intermediate Algebra course, and to develop the student's ability to translate verbal statements into mathematical symbols and statements.


Prerequisites: A math placement test recommendation of "MAT 011" or MAT 010 with a minimum grade of "C."


Topics covered: A review of whole number operations, fractions, decimals, and percents; signed numbers; properties of exponents; simplifying, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, algebraic expressions; solving equations (linear and literal); solving inequalities; simple factoring and algebraic fractions; simplifying radicals; word problem application.


Learning Objectives:

Learning Assistance Labs: The Learning Assistance Labs (LALs) provide academic support services for students taking classes at the college. These services include face-to-face and on-line tutoring, study skills and writing workshops, computer assistance, and more. All services are free to students.

Accommodations: Students with disabilities may be eligible for accommodations in this course. Please contact the Director of Services for Students with Disabilities in College Hall 131 at (215) 641-6575 for more information. At the West Campus, contact the Coordinator of Disability Services in the Student Development Center at (610) 718-1853.

Phone number: (215) 619 - 7460 ext 4680

Business e-mail:

Home E-mail:

Office Hours: Before and after Class

Grading: Four Exams 65%

Final Exam 25%

Homework and Class Participation 10%


Evaluation and Grading:

A = 90 to 100

B = 80 to 89

C = 70 to 79

D = 60 to 69

F = 0 to 59


Makeup Exam

Policy: There is no makeup for tests or homework.


Policy: Will sign up to the last class.


Policy: Attendance is expected and assignments are due the following class.


Policy: Repeated lateness to class could result in the lowering of a student’s grade.

Eating is permitted during breaks but not while lecture is occurring, this interferes with other students learning experience as well as the student’s own and adversely effects  the participation grade.