Michael Whistler

Theatre Faculty, Humanities Division

143 Advanced Technology Center
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My name is Michael Whistler, and I am Theatre Faculty here at Montgomery County Community College.

In addition to serving on faculty here at the college, I am an active theatre artist in the Phildelphia area, working as a playwright.

Click on the film clip to the left to find out about classes and all of the theatre arts opportunities available to students and the community through Montgomery County Community College, and see some of the exciting new directions in theatre that are happening here.

The basic interaction in theatre is the human interaction...

Students in theatre here at Montgomery County Community College learn to communicate using their own tools of imagination, trusting their own unique voices and impulses as they apply them to improvisational play, and then to the interactions between characters.

The theatre at Montgomery County Community College empowers students to explore theatre by creating theatre of their own. To learn and apply the skills needed to plan produce act and direct in projects; to understand the personal, socail and aesthetic value of theatre; to analyze theatre history and literature using research and critical thinking skills; and to build a life long relationship to their community through the arts.



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