Professor of History and Political Science



Telephone: 215 641 6377
Office: Parkhouse Hall 219


Born in New York City, raised in Connecticut, educated at Ithaca College (B.A. History with Political Science concentration) and the University of Pennsylvania (M.A. European History and PhD European History), where his dissertation was considered groundbreaking in understanding Nazi Germany’s policy regarding Finland.

Teaches courses in Western Civilization, World Civilization, Research in History and Political Science, Global Issues, Latin America, and Contemporary Europe;  E-Learning Certified (Online and Hybrid)

 Speaks Swedish, German, and Spanish and has a special interest in music. Has traveled extensively, and enjoys cross-country skiing and mountain biking.

Served as Coordinator of History and Political Science and Chair of the International Studies Committee responsible for the College’s Study Abroad Program and the International Studies Certificate.

Schedule in the Summer 2013 semester:   HIS 121 (World Civilizations I)

Recent Scholarly Interests:

Problems associated with the translation of historic documents across several languages
Henry W. Antheil, U. S. diplomat; Edith Södergran, poetess; Georg Backlund, journalist, politician, and actor; Einar Aaron Swan, composer and arranger; the New Sweden Colony

Pehr Kalm, Swedish traveler and botanist; article on Kalm’s observations of the Black population in the Delaware Valley has been published [“Pehr Kalm and Black Philadelphia: An 18th Century View,”  The Quarterly of the Swedish Finn Historical Society, Vol. 18, number 4 (Fall 2010),  101+ and “Pehr (Peter) Kalm: Race Relations in the  18th Century,”  Swedish Colonial News, Vol. 4, Number 4 (Summer 2011), 1 +]

“George Backlund: Hjalmar, Aili Holm, and “Herr Puntila” in The Quarterly of the Swedish-Finn Historical Society, Vol. 20, No. 2 (Spring 2012), 1+

“Forest Finns in the Old World and in the New,” Norden/Xtra XXX (December 1, 2012), 1-3. PDF; “Forest Finns in the Old World and the New,” New World Finn, Volume 14, Nr 1 (Winter 2013), 28.

“New Sweden Finns in The Barbarous Years,” New World Finn, Vol. 14, Nr 3 (Summer 2013), 13.

Eye witnessed elections to European Parliament in Sweden; his article can be found in the July 2009 e-newsletter of the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce (Philadelphia) (