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This section of SEA Home Page serves as a links page and resource guide to other Web sites that may be of interest to SEA members and individuals interested in Early American literature, history, or culture. It is divided into two sections: Resources Devoted to Early American Studies and a separate section of General Resources that offers links and descriptions of sites that may be of interest but do not specifically deal with topics that are clearly "Early American."

This portion of the SEA home page is always under construction and is maintained by Harold William Halbert. If you have any problems with the page or if you have a link you would like to see added, please e-mail him at Be sure to include the URL of any web page you want him to add.



Resources Devoted to Early American Studies

Site of the Month

Electronic Texts of Primary Sources
Conference Lists and Journals
Art, Architecture, and Lifestyles
Individual Writers/Historical Figures
Research Groups and Special Interest Societies
Museums and Tourist Destinations (Photos!)
Native American Pages
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General Resources

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Site of the Month

The David Rumsey Collection (Historic Map web site)

A marvelous site for cartography buffs, this collection offers over 2,306 historical map images from North and South America, 304 of which are from before 1800.  The detail quality of the images is excellent, as is the browser interface that allows users to zoom in on a particular image.  An extensive search engine powers the site, allowing visitors to quickly locate relevant images by date, location, cartographer, and more.  The site even offers a software download for even crisper images.  The collection is provided free of charge by Cartography Associates.  Be warned: the site opens multiple browser windows, but is otherwise very user-friendly.  A must see.

Resources Devoted to Early American Studies

Electronic Texts of Primary Sources

Early American Documents

U.S. Founding Documents The First Federal Congress Project
This impressive site, presented by the George Washington University Department of History, takes visitors through an extensive on-line collection of original source materials pertaining to the First Federal Congress of the United States (1789-1791).  The site is organized around a series of issues, and issue is frame in discussed at length in its context with links to the relevant original source documents.  Whenever possible, digital images of the actual documents are included.  Unfortunately, there is no search engine, but otherwise, a very useful historical reference.
Electronic Archive of Early American Fiction Select Slavery Document Facsimiles-UVa  U. of Oklahoma Law Center Historical Documents  UVa Special Collections: E-Texts and Facsimiles Authors, Works, Projects (Colonial to 1800) Voice of the Shuttle American Originals Rare Map Collection: Hargrett Library, U of Georgia American Studies Hypertexts@UVa The American Colonist's Library
Essentially a page of links, this breaks down on-line versions of historical texts by century, starting at 500 B.C. until the 1800s.  There is a sales pitch for a "The United States is  a Christian County" text, but the links themselves could prove invaluable in assembling on-line course materials.
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Conference Lists and Journals


Early American Review  Early American History--On-Line Forum Institute of Early American History and Culture's Listserver Instructions Colonial Williamsburg Journal The Journal of Southern History JSTOR (Journal Storage)  CALJ (Canadian Association of Learned Journals)  Early American Literature The New England Quarterly Project Muse Journal of American Studies American Quarterly: Hypertext Scholarship
As part of the Crossroads Project, this site offers hypertext documents/projects/presentations about American culture.  The site itself deals with post-1800 American culture, but is worth seeing as a model of the potential hypertext holds for on-line scholarship.
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Art, Architecture, and Lifestyles

Pictorial Archives of Early American Architecture

 DeBry Woodcuts The National Museum of American Art APVA Jamestown Recovery Project Colonial Lifestyles  Census Data for the United States 1790-1860 The American Revolution
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Individual Writers/Historical Figures

Eighteenth-Century Bibliographies On-line

This project, led by Jack Lynch of Rutgers University, is exactly what its title suggests: a collection of unannotated bibliographies about key figures from the Eighteenth century.  The bibliographies are by noted scholars and offer a great place for researchers to begin if they want to see what the key texts on a particular figure are.
The Winthrop Papers George Washington Papers at the Library of Congress George Washington Papers Ignatius Sancho: African Man of Letters
A site prepared as a follow-up to the 1999 Ignatius Sancho: Sensibility and Abolition conference by conference co-organizer Brycchan Carey, this site offers a very comprehensive look on one of England's most famous 18th century Afro-Brits.  The site includes excepts from the Sancho's Letters, Joseph Jekyll's biography of Sancho, a very thorough annotated bibliography of Sancho Research, and other links pretaining to cultural context.
Papers of James Madison

The Cotton Mather Home Page

Cotton Mather (miscellaneous) John Eliot Columbus and the Age of Discovery Ben Franklin Home Page The Lincoln Legal Papers  The Papers of Jefferson Davis The Thomas Paine National Historical Association The Thomas Jefferson Papers at the Library of Congress
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Libraries, Research Groups, and Special Interest Societies

Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture

The only organization in the United States exclusively dedicated to the advancement of study, research, and publications bearing on the history and culture of early America to approximately 1815, the OIEAHC publishes The William and Mary Quarterly and offers content listings for current and back issues on its site. The site also offers information on membership, fellowship offerings, book publications, and upcoming conferences.  Their discussion group, H-OIEAHC, can be accessed from a separate site.

American Studies@UVa

This page serves as the virtual home base of UVa's American Studies program.  Resources available include hypertexts of original American documents, a "yellow  pages" of American Studies resources on the Web, a series of cultural maps of the United States, on-line versions of recent M.A. papers from the American Studies program, and a fascinating on-line tour of the nation's Capital offering a cultural interpretation of the building.

Web Resources in Early American History

The University of Michigan has put together an impressive links page.  The links are organized by clear subject headings such as African-American History, Native American History, Regional History, and Women and Gender, as well as 18th and 19th Century History.

Early American Industries Association

 A society devoted to the study of home, shop, and farm industries in Early America, this society seeks to raise money to find and preserve tools and implements from the past. Lists an on-line journal as a resource, but as of February 1997, this feature did not work.

 Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities

 This group is devoted to locating and preserving historical buildings and towns in Virginia. The site contains links to records of their archeological efforts across the state.

 Catalogs of American Antiquarian Society

 This Worcester, Massachusetts research group is devoted to the preservation of print media from Early America through 1877 by collecting printings of books, newspapers, and dictionaries. The group possesses copies of two-thirds of all the works printed in America between 1641 and 1821, as well as many manuscripts. The site has a non-functioning search engine, a catalogue of their own publications, and a moderately detailed description of their materials. A good place to start if you are looking for original texts.

 Virginia Colonial Records Project

 Part of the Library of Virginia home page, this site is a clearing house for copies of Early Virginian documents. The site acts as a giant search engine for materials you can inter-library loan on microfilm from the Library of Virginia. A little confusing at first, but ultimately a potential gold mine for researchers interested in Colonial Virginia.

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Museums and Tourist Destinations (Lots of Photos!)

Peabody Essex Museum

 A Salem, Massachusetts's museum devoted to art, history, and nature. Online pictures and information on maritime art, Asian/Oceanic/African Art, American Decorative Arts, Early American Architecture, 19th Century and Contemporary Native American art, and more.

 Salem Witch Museum

 This site offers mostly travel information, but it does provide an interactive FAQ section on witch trials and local history. There is also a moderate sized essay on Roger Conant and Salem.

 Plimoth Plantation: Virtual Tour

 You can virtually visit Plimouth Plantation through their photo layouts of their reconstruction of the 1627 village and Hobbomock's homesite. Some pictures and an advertisement for their "Irreconcilable Differences" exhibit, showcasing the struggle between Colonial and Native American Women.

 Colonial Williamsburg

 Home page of one of the most extensive historical reconstructions in the United States, this photo intensive site offers tourist information; teachers' resources; a Colonial dateline; a historical glossary of names, places, and events in Colonial Williamsburg; photos of buildings or photos of people; and articles from the Colonial Williamsburg Journal. Many of these features are cross linked in this page.

 Old Sturbridge Village

 Another Massachusetts reconstruction of a colonial Village, this one focuses on 1790-1840. Offers an interactive tour site. Some photos.

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Native American Pages

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

 This site functions as the home page of the Pueblo Indians, offering links to individual Pueblo communities as well as a images of Pueblo murals.

 National Museum of the American Indian

 Part of the Smithsonian, this museum site offers some photos and information about the Native American collection and exhibitions. A newsletter on Native Americans, Runner, is also available.

Indians of North America

A links page of sites dealing with the Indians who lived in or are living in the geographic regions now known as
Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

Native American Documents Project.

At California State University, San Marcos, E.A. Schwartz is building this archive of Federal documents related to the Federal policy towards Native Americans in the 19th century.

Rainmakers from the Gods: Hopi Katsinam

An on-line exhibition from Harvard University's Peabody Museum of Archeology and Ethnicity.  The exhibit includes an explanation of the wooden effigies used to represent Hopi Spirit Beings, a lengthy discussion of the religion, a religious calander, and a thumbnail gallery of thirty-six photos of wooden katsinam.

Index of Native American Resources on the Net

A comprehensive listing of different resources about Native Americans.  It offers links to sites devoted to histories, art, contemporary life, and activist homepages.  The site has its own search engine for quick access to the links for which you are looking.

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Regional History

The New Netherland Project

Part of the New York State Library, this project is devoted to the translation of documents concerning the Dutch "New Netherlands" Colony and the study of the Dutch impact on America. As of February 1997, the link to the documents section was not working, but could be a good source in the future.
 Colonial Society of Massachusetts
A clearing house for Early Massachusetts's history, the site has a non-functioning link to the New England Quarterly but not much else.
North Carolina History
A brief but in-depth history of North Carolina from the Pre-Colonial era to the Twentieth Century.  Includes lots of information on Native Americans, the Colonial Period, and the American Revolution.
Connecticut Historical Society

Georgia Historical Society

Historic New Orleans Collection

Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Massachusetts Historical Society

New Hampshire Historical Society

South Carolina Historical Society

US Capitol Historical Society

Vermont Historical Society

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General Resources

Museums, Institutes, Societies, and Centers

Center for Electronic Projects in American Culture Studies

This links page serves as a clearing house for a number of web pages from American Studies departments across the country. A good source for sample syllabi, student projects, etc.
Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities
 This cite is devoted to a discussion of the process of making electronic texts from hard copy sources. A good resource for those interested in how e-texts are made. It also has an impressive Directory of Electronic Text Centers, which offers links to libraries with extensive e-text collections.
Center for History and New Media
This site is devoted to exploring the role of computer based technology on the teaching of history and American culture. The site offers essays on the role of technology, links to WWW cites on history, lists and descriptions of new history CD-ROMs, and software reviews.
 Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
This slow loading page acts as a resource for teachers of American history. The page invites teachers to submit questions about subjects. The site itself offers links to course resources on slavery.
 Hagley Museum
This site is primarily an advertisement for the Du Pont owned museum and library dealing with their restored Powder Mill and Estate, their manuscript library, and the Center for the History of Business, Technology, and Society that offers conferences and fellowships for historians.
 The Sonneck Society for American Music (American Music Network)
This scholarly group is devoted to studying American music in all of its forms: classical, pop, folk, ethnic, etc. The page provides information on publications, conferences, on-line discussion groups, contact lists for individuals interested in specific types of music, as well as grant and fellowship information.
Smithsonian Institution
The home page for the most comprehensive museum in America, this site offers an incredible amount of information on nature, history, and America Cultures. Sample their vast on-line photo archive, their folk life exhibit, their on-line encyclopedia, the Smithsonian Institute Research Information Service (SIRIS), the on-line version of Smithsonian Magazine, as well as on-line peeks at the individual museums that make up the Smithsonian.
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Scholarly Organizations and Government Agencies

American Studies Opportunities Archive

Part of the American Studies Crossroads Project, this archive offers an extensive list of current calls for papers and job opportunities related to American studies.  The site offers a search engine that can help match your scholarly project with an upcoming conference.

MLA-Style Citations of Electronic Sources

 A guide sheet on how to cite electronic resources from the WWW, CD-ROMs, FTPs, and the like.

 On-Line Style Manual

 An on-line reference modeled after the MLA handbook prepared by the librarians at Capital Community-Technical College.

 National Council of Teachers of English

 This site offers pedagogical advice to teacher of English, including lesson plans, means of measuring "standards," recent publication information, and links to similar pedagogy interest groups.

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General Libraries

John Carter Brown Library

 William Andrews Clark Memorial Library

 Harvard University Library

 Library Company of Philadelphia

 Library of Congress

 Library of Congress Prints and Photographs

 Newberry Library

 Research Libraries Group

 University of Georgia Hargrett Library Rare Map Collection

 Yale University Library

 Yale Exhibit--The Illustrating Traveler: Adventure and Illustration in North America and the Caribbean 1760-1895

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Miscellaneous Resources

American and British History Resources on the Internet

A good links page devoted to broad historical topics (like "The Civil War" or "African American History"). Provides access to Rutgers on-line catalog, as well as links to electronic archives, texts, journals, and other Internet services.

 American Council of Learned Societies

 American Literature Survey Site

 American Philosophical Society

American Studies Crossroads Project

 Oyez Oyez Oyez: A Supreme Court WWW Resource

 A NEH funded site that chronicles many of the Supreme Court decisions as well as the history of the court and its Justices.

 American Studies Web


 Documenting the African American Experience

 Eighteenth-Century Pages

 Electronic Archives for the Teaching of American Literatures

 From Revolution to Reconstruction

 Guides to Museums and Cultural Resources

 H-Net Humanities On-Line

 H-net Resources/Links by Field

 Heath Anthology of American Literature Newsletter

 The Historical Society Page

 History of the U.S.--Mississippi State U.

 History Reviews On-Line

 Hypertext Outline of U.S. History--U.S. Information Agency

  Latin American Studies

 Links for Historians

 Literary Resources on the Net--A General Guide

Modern Language Association

 National Standards for U.S. History

 Nativelit-L Home Page

 On-Line Books Page

 St. Mary's City

 Scholarly Journals Distributed Via the WWW

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Listservs and Other Electronic Forums

ERAM-L--Listserv sponsored by the Society of Early Americanists. See subscription information on the SEA Home Page

 IEACHNET--Listserv sponsored by the Institute of Early American History and Culture.




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Government Resources

National Endowment for the Humanities

This government agency is responsible for giving grants for research and instruction in the humanities. This page provides links to web resources, and museum exhibitions.

National Archives and Records Admin.

 Home page of the National Archives, the record keeping arm of the U.S. Government. Provides information on accessing documents that deal with all three branches of government. Available on-line are records about the electoral college, a gallery of exhibits about American Culture, a genealogy database, and instructions on how to gain access to government records.

Sites Missing In Action

The following sites existed at one time, but they have since gone into limbo. Attempts to find these sites via a search engine failed. Any information about these sites and their present URLs would be greatly appreciated. I can be reached at

No MIA sites currently listed.

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