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Welcome to the web page for Dr. Halbert's Fall 2007 English 101 courses. This site contains the public elements of the course and works in conjunction with the private materials on our Blackboard site. Total course content is divided in this way:

Public Site: Blackboard:
  • Syllabus
    (Course Policies)
  • Assignments
    (such as daily homework, paper topics, and other major assignments)
  • Handouts
    (instructor or MCCC prepared materials and "how to" guides)
  • Links
    (to web resources related to course content)
  • Tools
    (for writing and research)
  • Extra Credit Options
  • Contact Information
    for Dr. Halbert
  • Announcements
  • Discussion Board
  • Student Photos
  • Communication Options

To access Blackboard, visit the MCCC home page, click on the yellow button for "my.mc3.edu," and then select "Courses/Blackboard."

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