Greg Pasquarello
Instructor, Philosophy

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Hi! I'm  a part-time instructor here at MC3. 

This page will serve as a gateway to the specific courses I teach here. Feel free to browse and find out the nature, content, requirements, and the style of delivery used in those classes. 

This page will also have some general background information, for those that are interested. Please leave any comments at

Click on the course number to find a brief description, syllabus, some related links and perhaps a "newsgroup" to share your thoughts on the course content...
HCP/PHI 120 Ethical Issues Affecting Consumers and Health Care Professionals 
PHI  215 Comparative Religions    (not currently teaching)
PHI 100 Introduction to Philosophy    (not currently teaching)

Below are some links to other sites related to philosophy, plus some personal information and a few sporadic writings.

Critcal vs. Uncritical Thinkers V. Reggirio's compare & contrast list  
 1st Spot--Philosophy Humor, a time-line of philosophers, "-isms", etc.  
 WordPlay check out  AMBIGRAMS, especially "Philosophy" and "Ambiguity"!  
 Fallacies  Common mistakes in reasoning Also, an example of critical thinking, with Rush Limbaugh!
 Ethics Connection see "practicing ethics" &  then "decision making"  also a resource for debates...
 More Fallacies, indexed  a handy guide  
           Curriculum Vita
               Classroom "Style"...
                    The 'Easy' Life of a faculty member...

These are relatively short pieces "Useless" Philosophy appearances are deceiving!
designed as general info. segues, Discernment ...a reflection on making judgements.
short lectures for general audiences    
(such as Rotary Club luncheons) Contradictions... and humor! ...logic can lead to funny things.
and other non-essential items only   "Jump!"  when you're over forty, the only place to go is...
slightly more polished than a    
journal entry.