Curriculum Vita

Gregory J. Pasquarello



Until 1999 Ph.D. candidate ("ABD") with the University of Louvain's Philosophy Institute

(the Hooger Instituut voor Wijsbegeerte, Katholieke Universiteit te Leuven), English Program.


1980 H.I.W./K.U.Leuven Licentiate (PhL.) in Philosophy cum laude

Kardinaal Mercierplein 2, 3000 Leuven, BELGIUM


1977-78 Villanova University graduate program in Philosophy (nine credits earned)

Villanova, PA 19085


1977 Cabrini College B.A. in Philosophy magna cum laude

Radnor, PA 19087


 1973-75 Lebanon Valley College

Anneville, PA 17103



Curricular Experience


Present: Montgomery County Community College, Immaculata College

Adjunct instructor for day, evening and accelerated courses, including special off-site offerings and interactive video formats for distance learnering

Neumann College -- since 1989

As the full-time Instructor for Philosophy I was responsible for the philosophy program and its service to the Core and to allied major programs. I initiated the drive and gained approval for a Philosophy Minor. Other philosophy courses that were not routinely used were revised and, and Honors inter-disciplinary venues were created to meet the needs of the program while allowing the students to complete their Core requirements. New formats including small-group discussion, panel presentations and debates, and individual oral presentations all have been employed for a more effective learning experience in the classroom. Attention to contemporary social and ethical issues is now standard in my classes, while still addressing the traditional classic issues of the discipline of philosophy.

Villanova University -- since 1981

As an adjunct to the Philosophy I was routinely called on for a great variety of their introductory courses, for advanced Business or Medical Ethics, as an Independent Study Mentor, and I was responsible for creating a "Special Topics" course on Philosophy and Film. Recently I have had the pleasure of teaching sections of the innovative, interdisciplinary Humanities Core class on Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Thought


Other Affiliates

In addition, some of the over 250 credits I have taught at Philadelphia area colleges have included Immaculata College, Cabrini College, Manor Jr. College, Rosemont College and LaSalle University. Throughout, I have experienced success in the following categories:

Humanities: Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Thought

Aesthetics: Philosophy and Film

Science: Ethics and Technology

Freshman Seminar: Interdisciplinary Studies


Extra-Curricular Experience


Immaculata's Accel Program

I developed and implemented a Logic course for non-traditional adult learners. The course demanded innovative teaching techniques and student application of the material covered in order to master the course content in a very limited number of contact hours.

Neumannís College Committees

I can provide documentation as to my effectiveness on the college committees (ranging from Advising to Faculty Development) that I have been appointed to as a condition of my contract. In addition I have volunteered for additional assignments, such as Neumann's Middle States Self-Study, the ad hoc committee on Core Curriculum Development, and occasional contributions to the Honors and the Freshman Seminar committees.

Community Service

Related to my academic role I continue to serve as a consultant for the St. Mary Medical Center Medical Ethics Committee (Langhorne, PA), and I have facilitated a Film Club at one of Neumann's extension campuses, the Inglis House Residential Wheelchair Facility (Philadelphia, PA), both activities involving a monthly commitment.

In 1996 I was awarded the Faculty Service Award of Neumann's chapter of the AAUP for my holistic approach to involvement in campus life.

In my non-academic life I am very involved in my local and religious communities as an instructor in religious education and a committee position on my son's Boy Scout troop. In addition to these, I can provide references for Alumni and other community involvement.


I have been involved in a variety of advising responsibilities since I began teaching. Almost always these obligations were geared towards the holistic aims of a liberal arts education, and rarely limited to the advising of students with a philosophic aptitude. The encouragement of good advising practices in other faculty has recently been the focus of Neumann's Academic Advising Committee. I was appointed to that committee after involvement in the Freshman Seminar, an interdisciplinary learning experience lead by the student's advisors.



Please feel free to contact any of the following individuals for their comments on my association with them or the organizations they represent.


Immaculata College Immaculata, PA 19345

(610) 644 4400

Dr. Joseph Healey, Chair Philosophy Dept.


Neumann College Aston, PA 19014

(610) 459 0905

Dr. Nancy Ellis, Chair Div. of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Thomas Marshal Philosophy


Villanova University Villanova, PA 19087

(610) 519 4690

Fr. James McCartney, Ph.D., Chair Philosophy Dept.

Dr. John Doody, Core Humanities Program

Dr. Joseph Betz, Chair Liberal Arts Graduate Program


St. Mary Medical Center Langhorne, PA

(215) 750 2500

Sr. Julia Keegan, VP Mission and Ministry/Medical Ethics Committee