Introduction to Philosophy
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Philosophy is, literally transcribed,
the "Love of Wisdom"
It is the love of asking the "big" questions...
"...philosophy begins in wonder."
Welcome to Philosophy 100: 

     This course is GROOVY BABY! Yeah, like WOW! 
It's so FAR OUT -- I mean it's 
                   TOTALLY SHAGADELLIC

Well, I figured if that stuff actually gets people into the movie theaters, maybe it will work for me. Yeah, that's it -- what philosophy needs is a good shot of P.R. 
Nobody really minds if you stretch the truth a little, I mean no one really believes advertising anyway, right? So, why not just gloss over the fact that there really are a lot easier ways to rack up some college credits? 
Why not? Because the ghost of Socrates would haunt us forever, that's why! He'd say we were no better than a bunch of Sophists! 
What -- you don't know a Socrates from a Sophist? 
Now THAT's a good reason for taking this course! 
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