Portfolio & Philosophy


"Let the beauty 
we love be the 
beauty we do."
  "It is good to     
collect things,     
but it is better     
to go on walks." 
              &nbs p;             -- Anatole France
 "The creative mind
doesn't require 
logical transitions 
from one thought 
to another: 
  It skips, jumps, 
doubles back, 
circles, and dives 
from one idea 
to the next."
--Bonnie Goldberg
"God, I can push    
  the grass apart    
  And lay my finger    
  on Thy heart." 
              &nbs p;             Edna St. Vincent Millay
Experience in a non-profit setting: 
     I served as Director of School and Community Relations for Twin Valley School District.  Here, I  created the school district publications including the Twin Valley Voice quarterly newsletter and budget issue.  Both publications won "awards of excellence" in the Pennsylvania Public School Board Association competition.  It was here I learned PageMaker, how to scan in photographs, and some creative effects that can be accomplished with Photoshop and FreeHand.
Experience in an industrial setting:  
As editor for PECO Energy's  
Limerick Generating Plant  
I created the daily newsletter,  
"The Possum Hollow Press"  
(named after a local road near the plant) 
and also contributed feature photojournalism articles 
to the monthly magazine, "Inside Nuclear." 
I created the cover on the issue to the right. 
Working at Limerick was a  
challenging experience  
in the corporate/industrial world  
My attitude was to give my best to every story 
that came my way, regardless of subject matter. 
I value the variety of experiences that were
available to me through this exciting position.
Experience in the service industry: 
I created, wrote, photographed, designed and edited three newsletters for a software reselling corporation.  There were two monthly publications:  an employee newsletter entitled "SoftTalk" and one for the sales force called "Smart Selling."   
We also provided customized 
publications for individual customers 
(major software publishers). 
I was responsible for original concept, photography, interviewing, writing, headlines, and layout design.  
I learned a lot about computer technology.   
Like Limerick, it was a new area  
to me,  and valuable experience. 
 Up at Lake Ontario I have two grown daughters 
This is the older  
(taken about 20 years ago). 
She is now an art therapist. 
Of all of the photographs I have taken,  
those I treasure most are of 
the girls when they were young. 
This was taken at a family camp located on the coast of Lake Ontario (which was a piece of heaven).  I'm originally from  
upstate NY.
This photograph is titled 
"Two Fingers."
The girl is my younger daughter
(also t aken about 20 years ago)
who reluctantly posed for me
one day when I was shooting
in what I thought
was an abandoned barnyard.
An unexpected storm 
forced us to take cover.
Just as we were leaving,
two viscious Dobermans 
came from out of nowhere to 
let us know we were trespassing.
We got safely inside the car just in time.
She now has a degree in InteriorDesign 
and is a whiz with CAD.
Two Fingers