Using the Scanner
Computer Graphics I  Art 148KW  Lab 247

1.  Turn on side switch of scanner before turning on computer
2.  Turn on computer/Screen
3.  Logon ((B)
4.  Password is artscan
    then push enter
5.  Hit “yes” (maintain original settings question)
6.  Open Photoshop
7.  Import by File menu>Import>Twain 32
8.  Photoshop for Windows, p. 33
9.  Place graphic face down a aligned to straight edge
10.  Hit Preview
11.  Frame with border to cropping desired
12.  Click on Scan or Final.
13.  Scanned image will appear in untitled new window
14.  Save image to floppy (Drive A) and give a name.
15.  Click OK (IBM)
16.  Your scanned image should now be on your floppy disk.
17.  Go back to your computer, insert the disk.
How to import a scanned image into a Freehand document.
1. Open Freehand and make new document (Name 16 images)
2.  File>Import
3.  Find drive and title of image
4.  Double click on image and place in document

Importing a scanned image into Photoshop (16 images project)
1.  File>Open
2.  Find drive and title of image (all formats)
3.  Double click on image
4.  Save each as version #2, #3, etc.
5.  Experiment with filters images, etc.