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Montgomery Community College – West Campus

PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology

Section JW – 3 Credits – Spring 2005

Tuesday & Thursday 11:10 a.m. – 12:35 p.m.



Instructor:                Mr. Francis P. O’Neill M.A.

Office:                        J

Phone:                      610-718-1920 X5099

Email:                        foneill@mc3.edu or francis1212@yahoo.com

Office Hours:           Tuesday & Thursday 2:30pm – 5:00pm and appointment

Class Room:           West 214

Text:                          Mastering the World of Psychology, S. Wood, E. Wood, D. Boyd, 2004


Prerequisite: None


Course Description: Basic preparation for advanced work in pure and applied psychology through an acquaintance with the fundamental principles of human behavior. The nature of psychology, biosocial basis of behavior, individual differences, dynamics of behavior, personality and mental health will be examined.

 Course Objectives: To understand the basic theories of psychology and be able to see their applications outside of the classroom. Challenge some of the myths surrounding psychology and mental health. Show proficiency in both the basic and applied aspects of the various actions of the class.

Teaching Methods: Class lecture, group discussions, review of testing material and several forms of visual information i.e. video, overheads, Power Point, etc.

 Students are Responsible for the Following:

Participation and Attendance: So that you can get the most out of the class you need to be present for the majority of the sessions. It is also important to interact in the classroom discussions and exercises. Most formal learning will come from the classroom interaction. All extra credit test questions will be taken from classroom lecture material!

After 6 absences you will drop one letter grade 2 more absences (total 8 absences) and you will not receive a grade for this class.

 Excessive lateness/tardiness is to be avoided, but it’s better to be late than absent. If you are late, after roll is taken, you need to see the instructor immediately after class to be counted as being present for class. 3 times late equals one absence.

Official Withdraw from Class:

1.      Students can withdraw from class up to one week after mid-semester with a formal withdraw application. Grade will then be a “W”. Last date to withdraw without a signature from the instructor Tuesday, March 22nd 2005

2.      After this time a withdraw with a “W” is at the discretion of the instructor. The instructor must sign off for a class withdraw at this point. Last date to withdraw with a signature from the instructor Tuesday, May 3rd 2005

3.      Failure to attend a class may lead to a grade of an “F”, it will not constitute an automatic withdraw from class.

Reading: It is VERY important that you complete the reading for each day on the course schedule BEFORE you come to class that day. The most important goal for the class is for you to have fun while learning about psychology. But to do this, you’ll have to stay on top of the reading (and there’s a lots). To help you to keep up, there will be quizzes on the reading material given each week. The questions will be taken from the study questions posed in the back of the chapter(s) assigned for that day. So it’s to your advantage (hint, hint) to work through these questions as you do your reading. Working through these questions will also highlight the important points made in each chapter and will help you to study.

Quizzes: So that we may have active discussions during class time about the relevant material a quiz for most chapters will be given before the chapter is introduced. Each quiz will count towards the final grade for the class. Quizzes are given at the beginning of a class during the first 5 to 10 minutes. Each quiz will have 5 to 10 multiple choice and/or true false questions. There are no make ups for being absent or tardy.

Exams: There will be 3 major exams and one final (the final will carry double the weight of the exams) each exam will consist of multiple choice, true false and essay questions with the possibility of extra credit questions added at the end of the test. If a student misses an exam the possibility of a make-up is strictly on the basis of a medical or other serious reason at the discretion of the instructor. After a week from the time and date that the test was given make-ups will not be available.

 Student Conduct:

1. Academic integrity is expected. Cheating in any form is unacceptable, and will be dealt with per college policy. There will be no individual or group warnings.
2. Classroom behaviors that are encouraged: Asking questions, answering instructor’s questions, discussion of topics between students before the entire class, and the participation in structured learning activities.
3. Classroom behaviors that are discouraged: Two way conversation between students during lectures or class discussions and leaving the classroom before the instructor dismisses the class.
4. Respect for all the class is paramount. Anything less is unacceptable.

Class Cancellation Policy:

 If there is inclement weather please check the college web site and/or call the campus at 610-718-1800 and listen to the message. Also the school codes are 395 for day and 2395 for the evening division. Also please refer to the campus calendar for days off and breaks in the class schedule.  

Grading:       All points will be added up and divided by 8* 

  1. 12 quizzes worth 10 points each (2 lowest dropped)                   100 pts
  2. 3 tests worth 100 points each (extra credit poss.)                        300+pts
  3. Class participation                                                                            25 pts
  4. Attendance                                                                                        25 pts
  5. Paper: Let’s Kill Bob                                                                        50 pts
  6. Movie Assignments                                                                          100 pts
  7. Final Exam                                                                                         200 pts

 Grading will be as follows:

A = 90 – 100+
B = 80 – 89
C = 70 – 79
D = 60 – 69
F  = 0 – 59

 Grades will be based on the final grade breakdown. There will NOT BE A CLASS CURVE. This means that everyone can get an "A".

No “I" (incomplete) grades will be submitted for this course. It is paramount that all test and assignments be completed before the course ending date. No exceptions unless there is a medical emergency!


Students with Disabilities Policy:

Students with disabilities may be eligible for accommodations in this course. Contact the director of services for students with disabilities in the counseling center, College Hall, at 215-642-6575/6577 for more information. At West Campus, contact the director of student affairs, 610-718-1839

Assignment Submission Guide Lines:

All papers assignments handed in should be typed!

Spelling, grammar and sentence structure must be correct (You have a word processor that can check these things for you, if not you should get one)

Page layout should be 12 pitch font, Time New Roman or Arial, double spaced with a one inch margin on the top and bottom and at least a ½ inch margin on the sides.

Format: Information at the top should include name, date, class, instructors name, movie chosen. Centered under this should be a title of the assignment ex. Unfaithful - Wife exhibits classic signs of guilt but… or The Shining – Here’s Johnny! Have fun with this assignment!

Missed Deadlines
Any material turned in late will subject to a reduction in points. 5 point reduction for every class late. Items not turned in by the last date due will be counted as a zero.

Online Help

You can access the text books information, this syllabus and the class schedule at http://wps.ablongman.com/ab_wood_mastering_1

BlackBoard: www.mc3.edu All grades and info pertaining to the course will be posted on Blackboard. Slides used in class are also posted in the documents sections. 

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