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Francis P. O'Neill M.A.


(9/3) Class 1:  Introductions and syllabus review. Making the Transition to College. Chapter 1: Survival Tips. Course Topics, Requirements and Expectations.

Due for Class 2: Read Chapter 2: Ongoing Survival.

(9/8)   Class 2:  Report to the Library for Class. College Resources: Library, Computer Labs, Learning Assistance Lab (LAL).

 Due for Class 3: Read Chapter 3: Confidence Building and Goal Setting &

 Read Chapter 4: Minimizing and Managing Stress. Review College Catalog.

(9/10)    Class 3:  Blackboard how to use it? Short and Long Term Goals;

 Due for Class 4: Read Chapter 5: Multisensory Learning.

(9/15)    Class 4:  Stress Management. College Policies and Procedures.

 Due for Class 5: Read Chapter 6: Getting Control of Your Time and Life & Chapter 7: Developing Concentration.

(9/17)    Class 5:  Learning Styles Inventory and VAKT System: Strategies for Success..

 Due for Class 6: Read Chapter 9: Active Listening and Note taking. Reaction Paper.

(9/22)    Class 6:  Planning, Procrastination, Time Management and Concentration Techniques, Reaction paper due!

 Due for Class 7: Read Chapter 12: Test Taking

(9/24)    Class 7:  Active Listening and Note Taking Systems. Test Taking Techniques and Skills.

Due for Class 8: Review for Mid Term Exam.

(9/29)    Class 8:  Mid-Term Exam.

Due for Class 9: Read Chapter 8: Memory: How It Works.

(10/1)     Class 9:  Test Taking Techniques and Skills.

 Due for Class 10: Read Chapter 10: Textbooks: Reading, Highlighting & Note taking.  

(10/6)     Class 10: Short and Long-Term Memory; Whole Brain Learning; Visual Memory Aids.

 Due for Class 11: Read Chapter 11: Writing Effectively and Chapter 18: Effective Communication.

 (10/8)    Class 11: SQ3R, Marking Textbooks and Taking Notes.

 Communication Styles and Active Listening. Due for Class 12: Read Chapter 13: Preparing for a Career.            

(10/13)  Class 12: Career Exploration and Decisions; Tips for Job Application Forms and Interviews.

Due for Class 13: Read Chapter 14: Diversity and Chapter 16: Well-being and Being Well. Campus Involvement Paper.

(10/15)  Class 13: Financial Aid for College. Elements of Effective Writing, Research Papers, Presentations and Reports. Campus Involvement Paper.

 Due for Class 14:  Read Chapter 17: Relationships.

 10/20  Class 14: Recognizing Diversity and Cultural Differences; Mental, Emotional and Physical Health. Career Research or Interview Paper Due

Due for Class 15: Read Chapter 15: Managing Your Money. Class Presentations.

 10/22   Class 15: Class presentations, Recognizing 

10/27   Class 16: Class Presentations, Student concerns question and answer session

 10/29   Class 17:  Class Final Exam

 The instructor reserves the right to make any content or rescheduling revisions as deemed appropriate or necessary.