A Little Bit About Me
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Francis (Frank) P. O'Neill


                            Northcentral University - Prescott, AZ

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Psychology - Expected Graduation 2010 - 11
Currently ABD Writing the dissertation

                                    La Salle University - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Master of Arts, Clinical Counseling and Psychology - May 1997
    Emphasis on Pastoral Counseling

La Salle University - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology - May 1991
                Project Paper - Language Acquisition of Dolphins

Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy - May 1991
                Project Paper - Review of Charles Taylor's - Sources of the Self: Making of the
                                            Modern Identity

Graduated Cum Laude, Alpha Sigma Lambda - National Honor Society

Community College of Philadelphia - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Associates of General Education - May 1989

Graduated Magna Cum Laude, National Honor Society


I worked as a Clinical Staff Therapist at Northwestern Human Services of Montgomery County for over 7 years after my internship. I worked with the homeless and near homeless in Montgomery County for 14 years. I have been teaching for 8 years at three colleges MCCC West Campus, Chestnut Hill College and Reading Area Community College. Currently I'm an full time counselor at the West Campus.

Fun facts about your professor!

  1. I have won Best of Show 3 times with over 40+ first place, 20+ second place awards for photography.
  2. I have won several first and second place awards for pencil drawings and painting.
  3. I was in Philadelphia All City Choir under the direction of Dr. Wendell Prichett (one of the greatest directors of all time)
  4. I have sung at the National Cathedral in Washington, Academy of Music and Disney World.
  5. I have jumped out of airplane! (Really cool....once! Never again)
  6. Music I like David Cook, Breaking Benjamin, Nickleback, Berlin, The Who, The Stones, Rob Thomas, Daughtry, Foo Fighters, Blues Travelers, INXS, Journey, Live, John Eddie, Matchbox 20, Meat Loaf, REM, Katy Perry, just to name a few (I have over 60K songs in my iTunes collection)
  7. Flew and landed a single prop airplane when I was 15.
  8. I used to race a 1967 Barracuda.
  9. I currently own a 1953 Chevy 210 (which my wife wants me to get rid of)
  10. Current movies seen count is past 1100
  11. I worked on the set of the Rocky V at the Packer Estate and met Sly and son Sage.
  12. I had a ten second non speaking part in the movie Stealing Home, which got cutL
  13. I was an extra in the street of the movie Stealing Home…which also got cut. But I scored a really good cheese steak hoagie that day and ate it with Mark Harmon along with 300 other extrasJ
  14. Out of the 500+ movies DVD and BluRays I own I do not have a copy of Stealing Home.
  15. The movie Unbreakable was partially filmed in my hometown. I was going to be an extra in the film but had to workL (I also do not own this film)
  16. I've met Howard Stern, Jean Claude Van Dame, Sylvester Stallone and several other stars.
  17. Favorite movies: Batman Begins, Batman the Dark Knight, all the Batman movies really (except for the one with George Clooney), The Road to Perdition, Blade Runner, O Brother Were Art Thou, All the OLD Star Wars (IV, V, VI) movies, Scrooged (Bill Murray Version), Young Frankenstein & The Breakfast Club (to name a few).
  18. Movies I loathe: Dune, Fargo and pretty much any movie with Paulie Shore in it.
  19. Favorite TV shows: Justified, Rescue Me, Nip/Tuck, Firefly, The Simpson's, House M.D., 24, Bones, Deadwood, MASH, Farscape, Battlestar Galactica (Revision), Lost, Star Trek the Next Generation and the original, The Sopranos (except the last two seasons sort of stunk), St Elsewhere, ER the first five seasons, Cheers, The X-Files the first 7 seasons and Wiseguy (just to name a few).
  20. TV Shows I loathe: All in the Family, The Jefferson's, Almost all game & reality shows (except American Idol), Jerry Springer, Montel, Hee Haw (and many, many more).
  21. Have had at the same time over 14 motorcycles.
  22. I have 5 degrees one in computer programming that I don't list any place on my resume because...
  23. I worked as a computer programmer for over a year...and hated it!