Department of Nursing

Course Syllabus

CREDITS: 3 Credits (3-2-3)


This course is designed to aid the student who is eligible for advanced standing with socialization from the previous role to the role of the registered nurse. The student will be familiarized with the program at Montgomery County Community College. The emphasis of the course will be on the use of the nursing process in the implementation of the roles of the associate degree nurse. Seminars, videotaping, presentations, independent study and clinical experience are all integral parts of this course.


  1. Employ effective reasoning skills to differentiate between the roles of the practical and the associate degree nurse.
  2. Describe the philosophy and conceptual framework of the nursing program at MCCC.
  3. Use the nursing process to meet health care needs using a standard plan of care.
  4. Implement selected aspects of the roles of the associate degree nurse through a variety of clinical experiences.
  5. Recognize caring and non-caring behaviors in self and others.


Completion of requirements for advanced standing; CIS 109


Successful completion of the course.


  1. Schedule:

    Class/Seminar: Thursday, 8:00-10:00 a.m.
    Clinical: Tuesday, 8:00-11:00 a.m.

  2. Teaching Methodology:

    Recognizing that students have greater satisfaction with the learning process when they are actively involved, and that students learn in a variety of ways, this course is designed to be an interactive course. While the following strategies may be used, it is expected that students as learners will be as active as the instructor as facilitator. The predominant strategies include:
    • classroom presentations
    • audio-visual material
    • computer based learning activities
    • assigned readings
    • group projects
    • discussion
  3. Grading: Pass or fail

  4. Criteria for Passing

    • Develop a satisfactory care plan
    • Pass sterile procedure with charting according to Nursing 111 Laboratory Manual
    • Pass med administration and IV time taping and regulation according to Laboratory Manuals
    • Achieve 80% or better on pharmacology math test
    • Complete a satisfactory knowledge deficit teaching-learning care plan
    • Achieve 70% or better on ABG software post test
    • Satisfactory demonstration of physical assessment
    • Achieve 70% or better on written journal assignment
    • Accurate self-evaluation
  5. Attendance:

    For successful achievement of course objectives students are expected to actively participate in all scheduled activities.
  6. Textbooks:
    • Council of Associate Degree Programs (1990). Educational outcomes of Associate Degree Nursing Programs: Roles and competencies: New York: National League for Nursing.
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    • Maternal and Child Health Text (same as currently being used).
    • Wilkerson, Care Planning Guide