Margaret M. Interrante, M.S.N., C.R.N.P.


Associate Professor of Nursing,  
Montgomery County Community College 
Nurse Practitioner, Health Care of Women 
M.S.N.-University of Pennsylvania 
B.S.N.-Wilkes University 


"Nursing is an art; and if it is to be made an art it requires
as exclusive a devotion, as hard a preparation as any painter's or sculptor's work; for what is the having to do with dead canvas or cold marble compared with having to do with the human body."

--Florence Nightingale

Contemporary nursing scholars view nursing as both an art and a science. MCCC's nursing curriculum incorporates nursing science and the art of healing into a program of studies which allows you to be licensed as a registered nurse in the state of Pennsylvania. If you have decided to become a registered nurse, I and the other nursing faculty can help you achieve your career goal. Florence Nightingale's pedagogy of nursing education emphasized devotion and hard work. These are ingredients for success in any career. In nursing they are vital criteria.

Nursing 050-Transition into Associate Degree Nursing

o    Course Syllabus

o    Course Description

PowerPoint Presentations Available on This Website:

o    Role Socialization

o    Practice And Profession of Nursing

Nursing 112-Nursing Care of Clients With Uncomplicated Health Care Needs

o    Course Outline and Reading List

PowerPoint Presentations Available on This Website:

o    Sexually Transmitted Infections

o    Fluids and Electrolytes

o    Psychosocial Considerations

o    Cultural

o    Circulation

o    Circulation II

o    Oxygenation

o    Safety

o    Reg-Sensation


Nursing 212- Management of Client Care

PowerPoint Presentatons Available on This Website:

      Science Center 245
     (215) 619-7475 
   Tuesday and Thursday 1:00-2:30

Nursing is a caring way of life. It is a profession which allows you to offer compassion, physical care and education to those in need. Nursing is a discipline which requires you to strive for the highest level of skill competency. It is a career where the creativity and energy that you invest can make a difference in the quality of a person's life.

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