Professional Biography

Dr. Jay Templin

Professor of Biology (West Campus)

With the Fall 2017 semester beginning,  I am in my 48th year of college teaching, which I began in 1970. Since the early 1970’s, I have known I wanted to teach.  In the 1980’s, I began writing books, allowing me to teach through my publications. On June 18, 2007 the Board of Trustees approved my promotion to professor of biology. Also, for the last 8 years I was science coordinator for the Pottstown campus, completing this in August of 2011.

I have written and revised the learning modules for the courses I have taught at MCCC since arriving in September of 1998. The courses are:

  • Bio 121 (Biology for Non-majors)
  • Bio 131 and 132 (Human Anatomy and Physiology)
  • Bio 151 and 152 (Biology for Bio-majors)  

Through the revisions, the courses have constantly progressed.  The modules for each course include: syllabus, objectives for each unit (5 per course,) worksheets for practice exams, lab practical tests, and exams-on-reserve in the LAL.

Since September of 1998, my typical teaching load has been:

  • fall semester – four, 4-credit courses
  • spring semester – four, 4-credit courses
  • summer – four, 4-credit courses

The normal load for the fall or spring is three such courses. During my first six years at MCCC, my course load was usually spread over three or four different course preparations per semester (e.g., Bio 121, 131, 132, 151). The summer teaching has been devoted to Bio 131 (summer I) and Bio 132 (summer II). For the last several years, my teaching load has centered, in the fall and spring, on Bio 131 and 132 (Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II).

For over ten years, I guided and participated in the growth of the science curriculum at the Pottstown campus. For example, in the fall semester of 1998 we offered one section of one anatomy and physiology course (Bio 131). We now offer numerous sections of Bio 131 and Bio 132 in the fall and spring. Microbiology was added on the Pottstown campus several years ago. The number of sections of all science offerings has increased.

As coordinator, I coauthored an academic, program review for the science curriculum, completed early in 2005, at the request of Dr. Stout.

I have worked on numerous committees at MCCC, for the Pottstown campus and college-wide. Over the last several years these assignments included:

  • promotion and tenure (2003-2005)
  • search for several positions in biology and science; I co-chaired several of these searches.
  • coordinator
  • textbook selection (anatomy and physiology)
  • writing final exams (Bio 121, 131, 132)

Other assignments occurred earlier. For example, I was a member of the college-wide selection committee for the provost in 2002 and for the director of the allied health programs on the Pottstown campus. In the fall of 2006 I co-chaired the search for the first, full-time chemistry faculty member on the Pottstown campus. During spring of 2007 I am on the search committee for an anatomy and physiology Instructor on the Blue Bell campus. During the fall of 2008 I served on the committee to hire a full-time biology instructor on the Pottstown campus.

I was science coordinator for the Pottstown campus from September 2003 through May of 2005. From January of 2006 until the present time. I was the science co-coordinator for the Pottstown campus. I became the science coordinator for the summer of 2007. Duties include:

  • recommending the ordering equipment and supplies (which I did from 1998-2003 when the campus did not have a science coordinator)
  • mentoring faculty
  • observing faculty
  • evaluating faculty syllabi and exams
  • offering input to schedule and staff courses
  • organizing and proctoring faculty exams
  • ordering textbooks
  • representing the college during open houses (west campus)

Beginning in the spring of 1999, I appeared on Pottstown Community Television numerous times, representing MCCC in each case.  Examples include:

  • I was one of three faculty members interviewed at length during a 30-minute show that aired in the spring of 1999. I discussed science course offerings on the MCCC Pottstown Campus.
  • During May of 2004, I was interviewed for 30 minutes in the MCCC anatomy and physiology lab (Pottstown).  The topic of this telecast centered on publishing, with examples of the science books I have written.  This show aired through the summer of 2004.
  • This was followed in February of 2006 with a 30-minute telecast on the role of laboratory instruction in science.  We linked this theme to careers in science (e.g., skeleton study to radiography).
  • In February of 2007, along with Dean Foster, we presented another telecast on Pottstown Community Television.  Telecast from the anatomy and physiology lab at Pottstown, we related science study to other content areas (e.g., mathematics to science, English composition to science, etc.)
  • I have appeared in several other community-based telecasts for shorter time intervals.

I was the advisor for the Pottstown PTK chapter (Alpha Kappa Zeta) from January of 2001 through part of 2003.  We carried out numerous community endeavors.  Examples included:

  • lectures on water quality, which I presented with an exhibit on community day
  • collecting items for local women’s shelters
  • sponsoring an Easter egg hunt at Barth Elementary School, Pottstown
  • supervising visits to the Pottstown water treatment plant
  • leading the college induction ceremonies
  • visits to Ken-Crest (job-training agency for disabled people)

During the fall induction ceremony of 2002, I was inducted into PTK as an honorary member.

I have helped with college recruitment and advertising by organizing and participating in the following activities:

  • community days
  • college open houses and orientations
  • math/science awareness days at the college
  • presenter to the students from the Montgomery County Western Center for Technical Studies (topic: medical terminology) on May 2, 2008.
  • presenter for the career/leadership conference through 2009 (Pottstown Campus)
  • photo shoots
  • TV and radio presentations
  • tours of the science laboratory on the Pottstown campus

I have been an advocate for students (e.g., letter of recommendations) and faculty (e.g. P and T committee, letters of recommendation for teachers transferring to other colleges). Many of my students have scored well on the biology departmental final exams and have continued successfully, completing two-year and four-year degree college programs.  They now work in the community in their fields.  As coordinator I have been a listener (although not the final resolver) for faculty and student concerns.

I arrived at MCCC in 1998 with an earned doctorate.  I have remained a student in my field and continued to study and write college books (e.g., study guides, laboratory manuals) for publication.  I have written a total of 62 publications, with the last 18 occurring since my arrival at MCCC in 1998.  For example, early in 2008 Jones and Bartlett Publishers released a study guide I prepared to accompany Human Biology by Chiras.  Authorship of my publication has required on-going self-study and research.

For example, my book entitled "Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology," by REA, was recast recently (2006 printing) as a Super Review of the subject. It is now represented as a co-authorship by me and the staff of the Research and Education Association (REA).

During the summer of 2005 and January of 2006, I attempted to share my strategies for writing and publishing by offering CTL presentations on these topics at the college and presented my ideas on PCTV.  I received positive comments via E-mail from colleagues for my efforts. These efforts will continue. 

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