I was born in India; I obtained my BS, MS and Ph D from Sardar Patel University in 1993 in Microbiology. During my Masters and Ph D program, I was teaching at several different colleges for Biology, Botany, Microbiology, Immunology, and genetics courses.

I then moved to USA and worked for two Biotech companies (Organica Biotech Inc. and Kibow Biotech Inc) for nine years. I worked from Research Assistant, Research Scientist, Quality Control inspector to Senior Scientist Level positions.

At Organica Inc. Norristown, PA, I gained a significant amount of experience working with R & D director Dr. Raj Mehta and Sr. Scientist Dr. Charlie Bruno for developping microbial formulation for environmental applications, which includes pond clarifier, waste water treatment, plant growth activator; Drain cleaner from pilot scale to large scale production. After working with environmental clean up by using Microbe Dr. Raj Mehta, recommended me to Kibow Biotech Inc. NIH funded a project for Gut based Uremia therapy. I worked for more than five years from Research Scientist to Sr. Microbiologist position for development of of nutraceutical formulation for Chronic Kidney Diseased (CKD) patients.

As a microbiologist, I am always fascinated about small microbes with huge potential. In conclusion, I gained significant knowledge of Bacterotherapy (Use of bacteria for therapeutic purpose) for environmental and medical application working with Biotech companies.

I began teaching at Montgomery County Community College (MCCC) since 2006 as an Adjunct Instructor of Biology. I enjoy teaching and really like the mix of students at MCCC. My goal is to encourage students to develop critical thinking and technical skills and show them the importance of microbe, both in nature and our daily lives and apply this knowledge to their professional and personal lives.

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B.S., M.S., and Ph D. (Microbiology) Sardar Patel University (

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The purpose of this web page is to serve my students. Currently, I am providing materials and links to other web sites relevant to my courses.