Geology of Pennsylvania

Geology of Pennsylvania is a 3 credit, two week-long field course which examines, as the name suggests, the geology of Pennsylvania. This course is offered in the summers only, normally during the first two weeks of Summer Session I. Students will take two day-long field trips during the first week and will participate in a four day-long trip throughout Pennsylvania during the second week. During this longer trip we will camp at State Park campgrounds and prepare much of our meals at the campsites. We will be investigating such topics as paleontology (fossils), river flooding, coastal environments, landslides, the mineral industry of the state, and the geological architecture of the mountainous terrain.

Geology of Pennsylvania should be considered by the following students:

Due to the fact that this course requires a fair amount of hiking during the summer season, the prospective student should be in good health and in fit condition. The college's van will be used for all field trip transportation. Students will need to supply their own camping gear and purchase their own food during the trips.

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