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Listed below is a thumbnail sketch of my education, family, interests, and employment.

My academic background includes an A.B. in mathematics from Bryn Mawr College, a M.A.T. in mathematics/education from Harvard University, and an Ed.D. in computer science/mathematics/education from Temple University.  My dissertation was on the use of computers in calculus.  Since achieving my doctorate, I have continued taking additional courses/seminars each year on such diverse subjects as multimedia, computer graphics, data communications,  programming languages, and Shakespeare.  In addition, I hold networking certifications from Novell (CNA, CNE, CNI), Microsoft (MCP, MCSE), and Cisco (CCNA).

My interests include family, travel, games, and community service.  I have driven across the United States, bicycled through Europe, cruised the Mediterranean, flown to Alaska, Japan, Hawaii, Australia, China (pictures of Spring '00 trip are posted at ).  I love playing card games, especially bridge and blackjack.  I have served as church Elder & Deacon, as den leader, as Science Fair judge, Project Upward Bound Counselor, etc.  Each evening I walk for an hour with my friend.  I love to laugh, to teach, and to learn.

I have been teaching computer science and mathematics at MCCC for over twenty-five years.  Before teaching at MCCC, I taught at Arcadia University, Cabrini College, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, and several high schools in Massachusetts;  I also worked as a statistical clerk, computer programmer, and consultant.  Almost every year I teach a new course.   During this past year, I have been working on an HP Grant entitled "Problem Solving Using Mobile Teams and Digital Ink".  The field of computer science attracts me because of  its frequent changes and societal importance.  

Last Updated: May 30, 2007