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Click for image sourceMAWCA 2008: Mid-Atlantic Writing Centers Association 19th Annual Conference
"Liberty and Literacy"
Saturday, April 12th, 2008
Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

The organizers of the 19th Annual Conference of the Mid-Atlantic Writing Centers Association invite proposals that consider writing center work as it relates to liberty and literacy. High school students, graduate and undergraduate college students, writing center professionals, faculty and instructors are encouraged to submit proposals.

The following are some possible topics, but please feel free to expand the list.
    • Academic freedom and writing center work: how do writing centers promote or constrain academic freedom? Who is "free" to visit the writing center? What role do (or should) writing centers play in determining what students should learn? What is the role of faculty in the writing center?
    • Freedom of expression and writing center work: How does our work in the writing center contribute to freedom of expression? What responsibilities come with freedom of expression? Are students free to express anything in their papers, or only "appropriate" things?
    • Democracy and literacy: How does writing center work support democracy? What are the communities and constituencies of the writing center? What rules govern our work?
    • Liberty and pedagogy: Does writing center pedagogy make writers "free"?
Never written a proposal before? Let us help! Mentoring is available for any first-time attendees of MAWCA. Click here for more information.

Proposals for individual presentations (15 minutes), panel presentations (45 minutes), roundtable discussions (45 minutes) and poster presentations are welcome. Proposals are due by Friday, January 4th. To submit a proposal, please download a copy of the proposal form and email the completed proposal to MAWCA2008@temple.edu.

Download the proposal form as either an MS Word or Rich Text Format file.

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