Montgomery County Community College


MAT 131 Y01  Introduction to Statistics I  (3 credits)

Spring 2008


Instructor: Richard Herbst



Office: West Campus (Pottstown) Room 227 (Office #3)  Phone: 610 - 718 - 1888   


On Campus Office Hours: Monday & Wednesday 3:05 - 4:05, Tuesday 2:20 - 3:20 (also by appointment)


BlackBoard: then click on E-tools 

Course Compass:


Prerequisite: Math placement test recommendation of "ABV 100" (above MAT 100) or MAT 100, with a minimum grade of "C".


Textbook: Elementary Statistics Using The TI-83/84 Plus Calculator  Author: Mario F. Triola,  Publisher: Addison Wesley  2nd Edition


Online Homework: If you buy a new textbook from the bookstore it will come bundled with a My Math Lab card that contains inside an access code needed to do the online portion of your homework. Purchased separately the price is $55.


You also have the option of only buying the access code since a digital version of your entire textbook is available at the publisher's website with this access code.


Click here to purchase the access code. The Course ID is herbst72364


Materials: Any of the following calculators: TI - 84, TI - 84 silver, TI - 83 Plus, TI - 83 silver

Catalog Description:  A basic course designed for students in all fields. Topics include organization of data, measures of central tendency, measures of variation, statistical inference and correlation. This is a self-contained course, or with MAT 132, it is a course with greater depth and applications. A  TI - 84, TI – 83 Plus graphing calculator is required for homework and testing. Instructions and lectures will be presented using a TI - 84. (3 credits)

Learning Goals:


  1. A feeling of confidence with Elementary Statistics
  2. The necessary background for to advance to MAT 132 (Introduction to Statistics II)
  3. The ability to take raw data and use descriptive and inferential statistics to draw conclusions


Chapters Covered: 1 - 11 (note all sections of each chapter are not covered)

The following is a tentative schedule for the semester and subject to change.


NOTE: The following schedule is meant as a guide so you may finish your assignments both in your textbook and online (Course Compass) by the end of the semester. Please schedule your time accordingly so they are all completed. To be successful in this class it is very important that you complete the assigned homework prior to taking your midterm and final exams.


Date to be Completed

Homework Sections

Course Compass Homework


1.2 - 1.4

Chapter 1


2.2 - 2.4

Chapter 2


3.2 - 3.4



3.5, 4.2 - 4.3

Chapter 3


4.4, 4.5, 4.7

Chapter 4


5.2 - 5.4

Chapter 5


6.2 - 6.4



6.5, 7.2

Chapter 6


7.3 - 7.4

Chapter 7


8.2 - 8.4



8.5, 9.3

Chapter 8 - 9


10.2 - 10.3

Chapter 10


11.2 - 11.3

Chapter 11


Study For Final Exam

Study For Final Exam


Evaluation: There will be 2 exams (midterm and a cumulative final exam). Each of these exams you will schedule to take either at the Central Campus (Blue Bell) or West Campus (Pottstown).


Midterm Exam:   30 %

Final Exam:   30%

Projects:   25 %   4 Projects:  3 Projects (required) and 1 Project (Bonus)

Homework (Course Compass) 15 %


NOTE: No projects will be accepted after 3 days of their due date.

 (Each day late will receive a 5% deduction)


A:  90 - 100%    B:  80 - 89%   C:  70 - 79%   D: 60 - 69%  F: < 59%



Homework: Will be completed online using Course Compass . You may complete any homework assignment multiple times to improve your grade. Only the highest grade will be recorded. 



CHEATING:  Cheating of any kind will result in a zero for that exam or project



CODE OF ETHICS:  Montgomery County Community College has established an Academic Code of Ethics.  It is important that you read this document.   Realize that violations of this code of ethics will be indicated on your MCCC transcript. Go to the following web site for further information:  


TUTORING: Help is available in the Learning Assistance Lab as well as calling Course Compass.  Phone number listed below.


Click here for information about the Learning Assistance Lab (LAL)



Important Phone Numbers:


 Montgomery County Community College   215 - 641 - 6495

(technology/password/userID help)   


Monday - Friday           8:00 am - 11:00 pm

                Saturday        9:00 am - 12:00 noon



Course Compass:  1 - 8 00 - 677 - 6337


Monday - Friday  8:00 am – 8:00 pm

Sunday                 5:00 pm – 12:00 am



Course Compass Tutoring  1 - 888 - 777 - 0463


Sunday - Thursday      5 PM - 12 AM


Click Here for the college academic calendar


Important Dates:


Wednesday, January 23rd                   First Day of Class

Tuesday, May 6th                               Last Day of Class

Thursday, May 8th (by midnight)      Course Compass Homework Due




Click Here for Instructions on how to schedule your exams at the Central Campus


Click Here for the Central Campus Testing Center Schedule


Click Here for instructions on how to schedule your exam at the West Campus


Testing Center Web Page


Exams must be taken on the offered dates. Please make the proper accommodations in your schedule so there are no conflicts.


Cell phones are not allowed into the testing center.  Please leave them in your car.  Anyone in possession of a cell phone during the exam will receive a grade of 0% for the exam.



Midterm (Chapters 1 - 5): Schedule for any of the following 4 days:


                                                      Thursday, March 13th          

                                                      Friday, March 14th

                                                      Saturday, March 15th

                                                      Monday, March 17th                                                   


Final Exam: (Chapters 1 – 11) Schedule for any of the following 4 days:


                                                     Thursday, May 8th

                                                      Friday, May 9th

                                                      Saturday, May 10th

                                                      Monday, May 12th



Tuesday, May 6th is the last day of class and the last day to withdraw from this class. If you send me an email by this date I will withdraw you from the class.


Please complete an online faculty evaluation form before the end of the course.  At approximately week 8 of this course, you will receive an e-mail through your College e-mail account with directions and a link to the student evaluation form.  Please be assured that it is not possible to identify a specific student’s response to the survey.  In addition, faculty will not receive survey results until after grades have been posted.  Your input is important.