Montgomery County Community College


MAT 011 IW  Beginning Algebra (3 credits) 

Spring 2008

Class meetings: Tuesday, Thursday  9:35 am - 11:00 am  


Instructor: Mr. Herbst


Office: Room 227   Phone: 610 - 718 - 1888            

Office Hours: Monday & Wednesday 3:05 - 4:05, Tuesday 12:45 - 1:45 (also by appointment)


BlackBoard: then click on E-tools    Course Compass:


Prerequisite: Math placement test recommendation of MAT 011 or MAT 010 with a minimum grade of C


Materials:  ruler, graph paper


Textbook: MAT 011 Beginning Algebra  Authors: Hofmann, Hunter, Yankosky                     Publisher: Pearson/Addison Wesley


Catalog Description:  A first course in algebra with some review of arithmetic. It introduces the beginning concepts of algebra and is appropriate for students with a weak background or no background in algebra. Topics include signed numbers, algebraic terminology, basic operations on algebraic expressions and exponents, solution of linear equations and inequalities, solutions of quadratic equations, simple factoring, graphics, algebraic fractions, and word problems.


Learning Goals:


  1. A feeling of confidence with beginning algebra
  2. The necessary background for an intermediate algebra course
  3. The ability to model applications using linear, exponential and quadratic equations


Chapters Covered: 1 - 6, 8, 9

The following is a tentative schedule for the semester and is subject to change.


Week Number



1.1, 1.2


1.3 - 1.5


1.6 - 1.8


2.1 - 2.4


2.5 - 2.7


3.1 - 3.3


3.4 - 3.5


4.1 - 4. 3


4.4 - 4.6


5.1, 5.2, 5.5


5.7 - 5.8, 6.1


6.2 - 6.4


6.5 - 6.7, 8.1, 8.2


9.1, 9.3, 9.5, 9.6


Evaluation: There will be approximately 3 exams. Each exam will be announced a minimum of 1 week in advance. A comprehensive final exam will be given at the end of the semester.


Approximately 10 - 15 problems from each section will be graded online (Course Compass). All of these problems will be due the date of the chapter exam. You may complete the section problems multiple times to improve your grade. Only the highest grade will be counted.


Exams: 70 %

Homework  (Course Compass)  15 %

Final Exam 15%



A:  90 - 100%    B:  80 - 89%   C:  70 - 79%   D: 60 - 69%  F: < 59%


Homework: The organization of this class is as follows. Homework will not be required to be handed in. Any student should not expect to pass the course on the basis of attendance alone. The beginning of each class will be used for questions on previous homework assignments. It is expected that the student will come into class with specific questions to ask on these given assignments.


Attendance: A student is expected to attend all classes. Attendance will be taken at all class meetings. Five absences of any kind will lower your FINAL GRADE by one letter grade. Arriving after attendance counts as 1/3 of an absence. If a student misses an exam, the student will receive a "0" unless the student contacts me BEFORE the exam is given.  A written excuse must be provided to me in order to take a missed exam. It is then the prerogative of the instructor to determine whether or not a make-up exam will be given. There will be no exceptions to this policy.


Further Notes: School Closings:  Go to   or call 610 -718 -1800 and listen for

message  or you may choose a text message alert to your cell phone.              


                           Students with disabilities may be eligible for accommodations for this

                           course. Contact Ruth Ann E. Hebble, M.Ed. Coordinator of Services for

                           Students with Disabilities Room 151 or call  610 -718-1839   


                           Cheating of any kind will result in a zero for that exam or assignment.


                           Tutoring help is available in the Learning Assistance Lab (located in the library area)


                           CODE OF ETHICS:  Montgomery County Community College has established an

                           Academic Code of Ethics.  It is important that you read this document.  Realize that

                           violations of this code of ethics will be indicated on your MCCC transcript. Go to

                           the following web site for further information:            



Cell Phone Policy: All cell phones are to be TURNED OFF once you have entered the classroom and not just to vibrate as this is a distraction to the class as well.








Important Phone Numbers:



Montgomery County Community College   215 - 641 - 6495

(technology/password/userID help)


Monday -  Friday         8:00 AM - 11:00 PM

                 Saturday      9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon



Course Compass:  1 - 8 00 - 677 - 6337

(technology help)


Monday -  Friday  8:00 am -   8:00 pm

Sunday                  5:00 pm  - 12:00 am



Course Compass Tutoring 1 - 888 -777 -0463


Sunday - Thursday      5:00 pm - 12:00 am


 Important Dates:   


Thursday, January 24                                                  First Day of Class

 March 17 - 21                                                             Spring Break

Tuesday, May 6                                                          Last Day of our Class

Wednesday, May 14 (10:15 am – 12:15 pm)              Final Exam                                              



Tuesday, May 6th is the last day of our class and the last day to withdraw.


If you stop attending you will be given a final grade of F.


Please complete an online faculty evaluation form before the end of the course.  At approximately week 8 of this course, you will receive an e-mail through your College e-mail account with directions and a link to the student evaluation form.  Please be assured that it is not possible to identify a specific student’s response to the survey.  In addition, faculty will not receive survey results until after grades have been posted.  Your input is important.


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